25 December

Xmas and New years sales on costume jewellery!

So, the big question on everyones mind is what are the best sales for jewellery in the new year period?

Well, we all know that the high street and also website have many sales, but the big question is where is the best places to get the best deals?! Well, firstly we all know that you cant beat london, and that being central london! Oxford street and the like areas have vast shops, selling costume jewellery, fashion jewellery and clearance of old lines.

But, dont forget the website and what  you can find on the internet!! You can get some great bargain, and you dont need to be standing in long lines waiting to pay for those cherished goods! Also you dont need to be fighting with the other ladies trying to get their hands on your priced find!

Shefaly House of jewels will be launching its sale very soon, so be sure to watch this space to get hold of some great bargains for costume jewellery, bridal jewellery, fashion jewellery and hair accessories! Start the year with some bling!

Love, Shefaly!

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