4 September

World’s most expensive wedding gowns

Weddings are expensive, we all know this, and especially in this day and age. Not only does the wedding itself cost loads, but then the most important parts, like the wedding  dress , the bridal jewellery and other bridal accessories cost loads on top of that. But what if you had an endless amount of money to spend, would you spend it on your wedding gown or your costume jewellery?

The Diamond Wedding Gown might be the top of your list to buy then! It was designed by Renee Strauss and Martin Katz and features 150 carats of diamonds and the dress is valued at $12 million.

Or for those of you who don’t have the cash to fork out on that dress, why don’t you just go for some bling costume jewellery or bridal jewellery including hair accessories, crystal bracelets and crystal rings that will look just as sparkly as a $12 million dollar dress!

Image courteousy of the dimond blog


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