5 September

Winter Fashion Jewellery

The 80′s are back, and back in serious flair! This season, the likes of river island and topshop have gone for the full on 80′s look.

So, leggings, tight leather trousers, and large gents jackets are all back. The style can only be fully completed with large, multiple bangles. Large bangles are a must, as are chunky necklaces.

Depending on the style you are working towards, ensure that you have picked up some good accessories. Retail names will have the mainstream supply, but for something edgy or different try treasurebox or madaboutjewellery. Shefaly also has a collection, but its not the largest. But, that cant be a bad thing, as at least you know other people are less likey to be wearing it (which would lead to, as all ladies know, a fashion disaster!)

So, our advise is large chunky bangles, large necklances and chunky necklaces!



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