30 September

What is Swarovski Crystal?

Swarovski crystal is made from an electric cutting machine that produces crystal glass jewellery in Austria. This machine was founded and patented by Daniel Swarovski in 1895.

This type of crystal is more expensive than glass as it has a higher density and purity. That is why the costume jewellery that contains this fabulous superior quality cut and polished crystal is more expensive than costume jewellery that is made from acrylic, Austrian Crystals or Cubic Zircon or Glass crystals.

So when considering purchasing bridal jewellery or costume jewellery you really should consider whether it is Swarovski Crystal Costume Jewellery. Costume jewellery that contains Swarovski Crystal really will have the most sparkle and allure than any other piece of bridal jewellery or costume jewellery. In addition it will also be a piece that you will look at in the future and still be timeless as Swarovski crystal will never go out of fashion.


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