26 July

What is crystal costume jewellery?

Crystal costume jewellery is a very fashionable accessory nowadays especially for women who want to wear it to special occasions such as bridal jewellery or as prom jewellery. But what exactly is crystal costume jewellery - what type of costume jewellery is classed as crystal costume jewellery?

Most if not all crystal costume jewellery predominantly contains crystals in it. These crystals can be of any size shape or colour. They are man made crystals which emulate the properties of diamonds and other precious stones. They crystals can be a variety of types of crystals with the most popular being Swarovski crystal costume jewellery or CZ crystal costume jewellery or diamante crystal costume jewellery. Swarovski crystal costume jewellery is generally the most expensive of all crystal costume jewellery because of the intircate way the crystals are cut and the amount of technology that goes behind making the crystals. CZ are less expenisve and the least expensive crystals are diamante crystals.

The type of crystal you may chose will depend on how much you can afford and what you are looking at wearing the costume jewellery to. So if it is to be worn as bridal jewellery you may want to go for Swarovski crystal jewellery and if it is for your prom jewellery, CZ or diamante crystals would suffice.


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