The season for awards is just about to begin with the Golden Globes taking place on the 17th January 2010. But what jewellery or costume jewellery do we think will be seen on the red carpet this year? Since the Golden Globes are the first award ceremony in a long list of award ceremonies in 2010, it really does dictate what costume jewellery and dresses will be worn for the rest of the year.

As far as the jewellery or the costume jewellery that we think will be seen on the red carpet we think that the costume jewellery will be big and bold and statement costume jewellery. So it will follow the trend of last year whereby the costume jewellery worn will be one piece that’s a statement costume jewellery piece. So this could be a statement bracelet like a crystal bracelet or statement earrings like crystal chandelier earrings. Or you would see a collar necklace or cocktail rings.

Keep a look out on the red carpet this year to see what trends in costume jewellery you can see for 2010.


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