As you can see Shefaly stocks the most widest range of costume jewellery and hair accessories ever seen on the web, and to be honest in a lot of high street stores as well (apart from the ones that actually stock Shefaly Costume jewellery of course :) ).

One of the most common enquiries we get is what costume jewellery and hair accessories suit a particular type of hair colour. It can be difficult to chose your hair accessories and costume jewelry, especially if you have recently changed your hair colour so we decided to write a blog on it!

For blondes, we recommend hair accessories and costume jewelry that will add a bit of colour. So baby pink and jet black hair accessories and fashion jewellery are a must have. For brunettes, going for clear crystal hair accessories is fabulous as it really does contrast against your hair. Or try topaz crystal costume jewellery for a real sparkle. Finally, red heads can go for greens and golds as they glisten so well against your hair.


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