3 June

Wedding Jewelry: necklaces and necklines

Once you have chosen your wedding dress, the next thing you will be looking at is your wedding jewelry. Whether this is crystal costume jewelry, real jewelry or antique jewelry, you need to match your accessories to your dress, namely the neckline.

Here are some hard and fast rules for you to follow when choosing costume jewellery for your neckline. Boat necks should go for choker necklace and earrings sets like the pearl choker set. Plunging necklines should go for either a long necklace falling all the way down the plunge like the poison in crystal necklace and earring set, or a drop necklace which teases the eye at the top of the plunge, such as the vintage crystal necklace and earring set. Finally a wrap dress should go for a layered necklace set. The Pearl string necklace and earring set is ideal for this dress.


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