1 August

Wedding Jewelry – a world of its own!

Image provided from Heston Photographics of London

Image provided from Heston Photographics of London

Weddings can be hard to plan, organise and pay for! But, regardless of all of this, a bride is most concious of her dress, and the wedding jewelry she will wear with it!

Do you wear a crystal tiara? Do you wear a brooch, a bracelet or 2 bracelets?? It can get very complicated, and difficult to decide!! What is ideal, is taking a look at lots of bridal magazines. See what inspires you, what styles you like, and how you want to accessorize your perfect dress.

Also, dot be afraid to ask dress stores, accessory retailers and web stores for advise. All reputable vendors will take time to offer you constructive advise. We at Shefaly have advised over 2000 brides, for weddings accross the globe, from Las Vegas, to Borneo. If you want our free advise or personal shopping service for brides, email us on Bridetobe@shefaly.co.uk, and we will be happy to help you in every way we can, even if we advise you to use our competitors wedding jewelry!

Goodluck brides to be!

Shefaly xx

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