26 October

Wedding jewellery for winter wedding belles

Just because its October doesnt mean that weddings arent still happening. There is no longer a real wedding season, and autumn and winter weddings are still as popular as ever. So what type of wedding jewellery is best for winter wedding belles? This can be a hard choice to make as your dress and your theme maybe very different to what a summer bride might have and you know and have in the past been to so many summer weddings, so what do you wear as wedding jewellery to a winter wedding!?

As the bride you have to think about your dress and your wedding theme when you are thinking about your wedding jewellery. So if you are wearing a vintage style wedding dress then as your winter wedding jewellery you should go for vintage wedding jewellery. Then there is ofcourse a Christmas themed wedding. You could go for sparkly wedding jewellery for this type of wedding especially if you are wearing a sparkly wedding dress.

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