24 December

Wedding Jewellery for winter brides

Winter is still here for a few more months but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have any weddings this season. And for all you winter brides it can be difficult for you to choose your winter wedding jewellery as you are all wrapped up so you may feel like what’s the point of costume jewellery when it can’t be seen?

Well since it’s your big day, you still want to look a million dollars and your wedding jewellery will really finish your look off. And with winter wedding jewellery, you aren’t looking at anything too different to summer wedding jewellery or spring wedding jewellery. You could go for wintery colours like browns and reds, or you could go for crystal jewellery to compliment the snowy hills.

If you want any help or advice on winter wedding jewellery, or if you have any advice for our brides looking for wedding jewellery please do make a note below.


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