14 August

Wedding Hairstyles

The way your hair is going to look on your big day is really important and will really finish off your look. The best way to decide this is to look at your face shape and go with a style that really suits it.

Round face: Round faces look best when hair is kept down or swept to one side. Make sure you accessorise the look well- something like the Bloom hair claw would look great!

Oval face: You are really lucky if you have an oval face as any style would look great! Try having elegant curls with a gorgeous hair comb worn as a tiara or even a French chignon with little hair pins elegantly placed all over your hair.

Long faces: Avoid having your hair down if this describes your face shape. Try big voluminous curls with a gorgeous tiara. And avoid a hair cut that is too short.

Square face: Square faces look best with short hair styles so accessorise with a gorgeous little hair slide. Add wispy curls for a dramatic look

Whatever your face shape and personal style is, just make sure you are comfortable with the way you look on your special day!

Any advice for brides-to-be, place a comment below!

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