A brides big day is so important and therefore so is the wedding costume jewellery that she chooses. Not only is the dress and the shoes important, but your wedding jewellery is just as important as it really does finish your outfit off: you cant walk down the aisle without a pair of earrings on or a cuff bracelet now can you. But what should you chose on your big day? How do you know what type of costume jewellery is going to look best?

Well you really need to start by looking at what type of dress and what theme you are having for your big day as this will really dictate your bridal jewellery on your big day. So if you are having an extravagant wedding and you like your bling, then why not go for crystal costume jewellery? Crystal costume jewellery can look stunning when it shines so beautifully in the light. And it doesnt have to be large earrings for example, unless you want them to be large chandelier earrings, but you can go for small studs like the crystal flower earrings.

Or if you are going for an indian themed wedding (like Katy Perry’s and Russell Brand’s upcoming wedding- which we cant wait for!) then you can go for asian wedding jewellery. This costume jewellery thats large, colourful and so ornate.


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