Vintage costume jewellery is truely the best type of costume jewellery to wear if you really like costume jewellery. Costume jewellery comes in many different sizes,shapes and styles, but vintage costume jewellery is classic and elegant. It can really suit more or less any type of function whether its used as wedding jewellery or as prom jewellery. But what types of vintage costume jewellery can you get? What styles are there when it comes to vintage costume jewellery?

Well vintage costume jewellery like we said comes in many styles. So if you are looking for a hair accessory vintage hair slide or a vintage crystal headband is a great piece of hair accessory. Head bands are very in trend at the moment and can look great as wedding jewellery, or prom jewellery. You can also wear vintage necklace and earring sets as wedding jewellery or prom jewellery. Vintage sets look stunning for any occasion. You can also wear vintage cocktail rings, even as work jewellery, as it is so demure yet very pretty.

What jewellery you decide to wear, whether costume jewellery,gold jewellery or silver jewellery or vintage costume jewellery you will look stunning in anything!


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