10 October

Vintage Costume Jewellery

With Coco the film made by hollywood, vintage costume jewellery is much talked about. This, and the fact that the web has a vast collection of affordable replica costume jewellery.

Large, bold and beautiful jewellery is all the hype now with hollywood on board with great collections of jewellery. But, where does one find affordable costume jewellery?

Well, go to a search engine and type in vintage costume jewellery, and you will get some great results. Plus, many UK and US site are very affordable, and you can easily glam up that George or dress barn outfit! Be sure to look for bold and colourful pieces. These are vast, and will really make that outfit complete with a sheer vintage look, just with the right jewellery.

Expect to pay under $100 for a nice necklace and earring set, unless your going for the real thing, which would be closer to $250! 

Love, Shefaly

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