Costume jewellery can come in so many different styles, shapes and colours, but when considering a fine piece of costume jewellery quality is of utmost importance. That is why the House of Jewel’s have bought in an extra exquisite range of costume jewellery called the Anjouxxx Collection.

This exclusive range of costume jewellery is designed with Cameron Diaz & Catherine Zeta-Jones in mind. The prices for this range can be expected to be at a premium due to the additional attributes provided. The Anjouxxx collection costume jewellery was initially made as Asian bridal jewellery or English wedding jewellery. However, this type of costume jewellery is also fabulous as evening wear for parties, especially costume jewellery for Christmas parties or balls and even proms! They can also be matched up with so many other types of costume jewellery like cocktail rings or bracelets that are available.

So even though you may be paying a premium for this collection of costume jewellery, you can wear it so many times that the cost becomes minute in relation to the wears you can get out of it. This range has without a doubt made a movement of a new trend!


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