Costume Jewellery has always been delicate, and is prone to breaking faster then gold or sliver jewellery. For this reason taking care of your jewellery is essential, so you can use them time and time again.

So, whats really essentail? Well, firstly make sure its always put back into the box after each wear, this is ensure it does not get dusty, or become prone to being dropped, which could result in stone falling out, which have been hand placed on most costume jewellery.

Also, to keep your jewellery looking new and clean, you can use a dry cloth to gently rub it, ensuring you dont place too much pressure, this will remove any dust build up.

But, costume jewellery is delicate, and is often prone to breakage, which is designed within the pricing. so take care of it, and if it does break, dont worry, there are plenty of good web shops you can get a replacement from!

Love, Shefaly

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