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6 February

Product of the week- crystal earrings

Crystal earrings are a great costume jewellery acessory for any event, whether you are going to use it as wedding jewellery, party jewellery, prom jewellery or valentines day jewellery. It can really make or break your outfit. Crystal earrings also make a great costume jewellery present for the one you love, especially this Valentines Day when you really want to impress.

Crystal earrings come in many different styles shapes and sizes and colours and so everyone can find something that suits their needs. So if you are a demure bride you might want to buy small crystal earrings to suit your style. But even these come in a variety of colours so you could purchase crystal earrings to match your dress. Some people love chandelier earrings, like myself! Crystal chandelier earrings can be great as prom jewellery or as Valentines Day Jewellery for when you go out for a very posh evening with the one you love, or if you are going to give a Valentines Day present, chandelier earrings, or even costume jewellery is a great present.

Crystal earrings can also be paired with so many different types of other costume jewellery including crystal bracelets and crystal cocktail rings, which makes them an even more versatile gift or accessory to to give or have.


Can you believe Christmas has only just come and gone and we are thinking about Valentines day already!? Well you only have a few days until the day to celebrate Love and all things associated with it comes on February 14th. So have you thought about what costume jewellery you will be buying your loved one whether its for a girlfriend,boyfriend,sister or mother, dont forget any loved ones this year.

Costume jewellery is one of the best presents to give a loved one. If its for your girlfriend, whether you have known her for years or only a few days, costume jewellery is the type of present that looks (and can be if you want it to be) expensive. You can purchase costume jewellery from as little as £10 to as much as £200 and you will definitely be scoring brownie points. For an older woman you may be looking for more elegant, refined costume jewellery, and in this case costume jewellery is great as you can buy a brooch, perhaps a crystal brooch or pearl brooch, or perhaps some pearl jewellery like a pearl set.

Costume jewellery is great as a gift for men too. You can buy the man in your life a pair of crystal cufflinks, they make a great Valentines day gift.


24 February

Sexy Costume Jewellery

Lingerie has its place for alluring your man, whether it be in the bedroom, or showing a bid of that bra strap in a bar! But costume jewellery has its place in this scene, except many woman fail to exploit this.

For example, when you’re dressed up in the bedroom, with your hair all in tumbling curls, and that devilish outfit, finish off this perfect look with a delicate costume jewellery set and light, dainty earrings. These are the ultimate night time jewellery, before its really time for bed.

As for the bar, and showing that guy your interested in, don’t just draw his attention to your bra strap or the off the shoulder look, try one of those jewelled bra straps  or chandelier earrings for the attention grabbing look!

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2 February

Valentine’s Day costume jewellery

Not long ago were we thinking about Christmas presents and deciding what costume jewellery to wear, and now we have Valentine’s Day just around the corner. So what are you going to buy your loved one for Valentine’s Day this year? Costume jewellery is a must have we say as jewellery is a girl’s best friend.

We can’t all afford diamonds and pearls, especially since we are just coming out of the credit crunch, but costume jewellery is a very suitable alternative. Especially if it comes beautifully gift packed. So you could pick up a stunning crystal bracelet or crystal earrings or even a gorgeous cocktail ring for your loved one. And don’t forget about the man in your life: crystal cufflinks make a great gift.

So spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day buy them some stunning costume jewellery and you’re sure to be thanked on Valentine’s Day.