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11 January

What’s new in Asian Bridal Jewellery?

Asian bridal jewellery is like most other costume jewellery in that there are new trends coming out, manly dictated by Bollywood films. However, consistently Asian Bridal jewellery seems to love to follow the trend of crystal costume jewellery, which is large and statement costume jewellery.

So what is new in Asian bridal jewellery? Well crystal costume jewellery is still very much the trend to be seen in.  So whether its crystal hair tikkas, crystal hair jewellery like crystal hair combs or crystal tiaras, Asian bridal jewellery really is the trend for many European women and Indian women to be seen in. Asian bridal jewellery also seems to be very much statement costume jewellery like large crystal bracelets, or large cocktail rings.

If you decide to have an Asian themed wedding or if you are an Asian couple planning your wedding, why don’t you give some advice to some of our blog readers below as what to expect in Asian Bridal jewellery.