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27 September

What’s new in the world of wedding jewellery?

Wedding jewellery, like costume jewellery, also has ever changing trends and styles. Not only can wedding jewellery come in different shapes and sizes, but also in colours and designs so if you are planning a wedding and thinking about buying wedding jewellery think about what’s new in the world of wedding jewellery.

At the moment wedding jewellery lovers and trend setters are still looking at statement pieces of wedding jewellery to really finish your wedding outfit off. So you can go for statement hair accessories, like a head headbad like the crystal burst headband, or you can go for statement earrings like chandelier earrings like the vintage crystal earrings. Also, a real trend in wedding jewellery at the moment is vintage wedding jewellery, pieces of wedding jewellery that remind you of the 1940′s perhaps or Marilyn Monroe style of costume jewellery.

Whatever you decide to wear as wedding jewellery on your wedding day, just remember that this is your wedding day, and it should be your style of wedding jewellery that you should wear and feel comfortable in.