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The Oscars took place on the 27th February 2011 and the stars came out in true star style. So many celebrities where dress up in this years must have looks including costume jewellery to kill for. The red carpet was full of an array of colours and we have some of our best picked dresses and styles here.

So on of our favourites was Gwenyth Paltrow in Calvin Klein dress and Louis Vuitton brooch and earrings.  The dress was stunning on her swvelt figurs, but even more so the brooch and earrings really accentuated the whole outfit. The brooch had beautiful coloured stones and the earrings where just as stunning. We also loved Scarlett Johannson in a dark purple lace dress by Dolce & Gabbanna with a beautiful colourful cocktail ring. Statement jewellery seemed to be a real trend this year with one piece that really stood out like a cocktail ring or a brooch or beautiful statement earrings. We also loved the understated style of  Michelle Williams in a Chanel dress and Harry Winston diamond earrings. You can get the same earrings for half the price, the small swarovski crystal earrings.

We cant wait for the rest of the awards to take place this year to see what the stars are going to wear to them. Keep up to date on all the awards ceremonies this year on our blog.


Ok so I know we are still at the beginning of a fabulous summer but we can’t wait for next seasons costume jewellery and fashion jewellery to hit our store. Costume jewellery and fashion jewellery changes with every season as much as clothes do so here’s a little hint on what you can find next season.

Next season there is a lot more statement jewellery, and more than anything statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings. As always these pieces of costume jewellery look fabulous with anything from work wear to that glamorous evening out. When it comes to bridal jewellery, well that’s your choice at the end of the day and what you like to match with your wedding theme and outfit.

Other statement costume jewellery pieces include statement bracelets, statement hair accessories and statement earrings.


If you are  having your wedding day this summer then you are probably looking at adding the finishing touches to your wedding, including your wedding jewellery and wedding accessories. So what costume jewellery should you be seen in this beautiful summer 2010?

Well when it comes to wedding jewellery you can look at what fashion is dictating so you can go for statement jewellery. Or you can look at what will match your wedding outfit, so if you have a white wedding dress with silver embroidery go for silver wedding jewellery. Or if you want, forget matching and what’s in fashion and go for what you like to wear, like cuff bracelets or chandelier earrings.

You can also try and go for colourful costume jewellery if you like to add a bit of drama to your entire outfit and wedding day!


19 April

Arm jewellery : the new accessory

Costume jewellery and wedding jewellery has come a long way, and recent trends of statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings are all well and good and look stunning, but the altogether new trend in the fashion jewellery ring is arm jewellery. Arm jewellery is an up and coming trend and many people have already caught onto this.

Arm jewellery can be many different styles, shapes and sizes, including even wearing bracelets and necklaces as arm jewellery.  But there are also armbands which are specially designed to be worn as arm jewellery. Arm bands are a great accessory as wedding jewellery or party jewellery and even prom jewellery. Armbands come in silver or gold and are a great look when looking for Grecian jewellery.

Arm jewellery is the next big fashion accessory and this has really started to catch on. If you want to be ahead of the trend and get your arm jewellery now.


Can you believe we are coming into April already? Well the fashion houses can as they have already showed their Autumn/Winter 2010-11 fashion collection including their fashion jewellery and costume jewellery lines.

What do the designers say is in store for us this Autumn/Winter 2010-11? Well there is a lot more statement jewellery, and more than anything statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings. As always these pieces of costume jewellery look fabulous with anything from work wear to that glamorous evening out.

Other statement costume jewellery pieces include statement bracelets, statement hair accessories and statement earrings.


28 December

Costume jewellery for 2010

Costume jewellery is generally a timeless piece of jewellery that can essentially last for a very long time if taken care of properly. But just like any other fashion accessory costume jewellery that is worn in any particular season can be dictated by what is in fashion at the time.

Costume jewellery for 2010 looks like it is going to be very much statement costume jewellery. This means that it is large overstated jewellery that is a statement piece. So this could be chandelier earrings, which are statement earrings or it could be a statement bracelet, like the jet set in crystal bracelet. The most popular piece of fashion accessory at the moment is hair accessories. This has been made so much more popular with celebrities like Cheryl Cole wearing statement hair band to X factor.

The costume jewellery you decide to wear this coming year is not only dictated by what’s in fashion, but also what your own personal style is so add your own style of costume jewellery to whatever you decide to wear this year.


17 October

Fashion jewellery online

Fashion jewellery is different to costume jewellery in that fashion jewellery is jewellery that is jewellery that follows the current trends that are seen on the high street and catwalks. This type of jewellery is forever changing and depends on what designers feel is the in thing for fashion jewellery at that particular time.

So fashion jewellery includes statement cocktail rings, neckline necklaces and chandelier earrings. It also includes bangles, cuff bracelets and wooden bracelets. Fashion jewellery at the moment is still following the oversized jewellery trend, as well as stacking bangles or cocktail rings.

Fashion jewellery also includes designer jewellery like Pilgrim Jewellery, Mikey jewellery, and yours truly, Shefaly Jewellery!


8 June

Crystal Brooches

Everyone’s talking about large cocktail rings, statement costume jewellery and hair accessories, but there’s one accessory we here at the House of Jewels love and that’s brooches. We can’t get enough of brooches and what you can wear them with, or without!

Crystal brooches are a must have accessory. A colourful crystal brooch can be pinned to the lapel of your coat to make it look stunning. Or how about wearing a scarf, a real must have accessory for this season, and putting an eye-catching brooch at the end of it?

Many brooches can also be worn as a pendant on a necklace as they have a loop on where a necklace can be threaded through. This can be a dazzling statement jewellery piece. Or even wear it as a hair accessory which can look so dramatic.


18 May

Costume jewellery for weddings abroad

Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest attending a wedding abroad, you really should consider your costume jewellery as carefully as you would chose your outfit.

Things to consider when choosing your costume jewellery includes most importantly the weather in the country you will be visiting. If it’s a hot country, your costume jewellery should really stay as light as possible. So don’t layer on loads or costume jewellery that might make you all agitated. Try a statement piece of costume jewellery instead like a cocktail ring or statement earrings

Finally and most importantly consider the theme of the wedding. If it’s very simple then go for simple costume jewellery; if it’s got for example a Las Vegas themed wedding or an Asian themed wedding go for more elaborate costume jewellery.

Image courteousy of The Wedding Network


17 May

Statement costume jewellery

This year’s trend is statement costume jewellery. Statement costume jewellery are items of jewellery that are large pieces of costume jewellery and only one or two pieces are worn.

So example of statement costume jewellery could include a large cocktail ring like the Purple Crystal Bloom Cocktail ring. Or how about a statement bracelet, like the black hematite cuff bracelet. Another idea is to mix in a statement necklace like the Green Chic necklace with a stunning piece of hair jewellery.

Statement jewellery is all the rage this year, and is so the trend of choice for designers like YSL and Dior, so follow this trend by wearing statement costume jewellery.