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16 January

Golden Globes 2012 Costume Jewellery

At last nights Golden Globe Awards the stars came out in style in their gorgeous gowns and costume jewellery. But there was one thing in common, that there was a minimal amount of costume jewellery. The actresses were wearing stunning gowns and so over accessorizing the gowns would be an instant fashion faux pas. So what jewellery did we see the stars in during this years Golden Globes?

Intricate bracelets, bright rings, large earrings and statement necklaces were the accessories of choice at the Globes. The looks we saw on the red carpet can be recreated without having to spend all that the stars do on their costume jewellery. So you could buy the Crystal Goddess earrings to get Jessica Albas look and add the crystal beauty bracelet to finish the look off. You have plenty of options when you are looking for statement costume jewellery . You can even just opt for a statement cocktail ring which will really add elegance to any outfit.

Statement jewellery is still a current trend, but any costume jewellery when kept minimal can make you look like one of the stars on the red carpet, and add a stunning handbag to really finish your star style look off.


27 September

What’s new in the world of wedding jewellery?

Wedding jewellery, like costume jewellery, also has ever changing trends and styles. Not only can wedding jewellery come in different shapes and sizes, but also in colours and designs so if you are planning a wedding and thinking about buying wedding jewellery think about what’s new in the world of wedding jewellery.

At the moment wedding jewellery lovers and trend setters are still looking at statement pieces of wedding jewellery to really finish your wedding outfit off. So you can go for statement hair accessories, like a head headbad like the crystal burst headband, or you can go for statement earrings like chandelier earrings like the vintage crystal earrings. Also, a real trend in wedding jewellery at the moment is vintage wedding jewellery, pieces of wedding jewellery that remind you of the 1940′s perhaps or Marilyn Monroe style of costume jewellery.

Whatever you decide to wear as wedding jewellery on your wedding day, just remember that this is your wedding day, and it should be your style of wedding jewellery that you should wear and feel comfortable in.


28 June

Statement cocktail rings for summer 2010

We all know that statement costume jewellery is still so in fashion, but this summer your main fashion accessory should be the statement cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are a great way to finish your outfit off and any cocktail ring would go with any outfit.

Cocktail rings are so prominent in so many music videos at the moment like Keri Hilsons new video and also in Pixie Lotts new video. Have a look out in both their videos for their large cocktail rings which really do make a statement.

Cocktail rings are a great piece of bridal jewellery too. You can wear it with your stunning sleeveless wedding dress or on top of your wedding gloves for true Hollywood glamour.


18 June

Autumn Winter costume jewellery trends

Ok I know that summer has only just started (for some of us, I hasn’t even started yet!)  But there is so much talk about the Autumn Winter collections on the catwalks including costume jewellery that we thought we had to right about it.

Autumn is not long away and a lot of you fashionistas are probably thinking what is the trend for this coming season. Well, it’s very eclectic. Costume jewellery is seen on every single catwalk, and many are either keeping it to one statement costume jewellery piece or just layering on the statement pieces. So you could just be wearing a pair of chandelier earrings next season, or you could go for cuff bracelets, statement necklaces, statement rings, well anything goes really.

But remember, that when it comes to costume jewellery and other fashion accessories, it’s your own personal style that counts, so add a bit of this into the mix and you are sure to be on to a winner.


Costume jewellery isn’t just for the likes of me and you. Costume jewellery is also worn but celebrities and celebrity costume jewellery is no more dissimilar to what you and I wear. So what type of costume jewellery are the celebrities wearing at the moment?

Celebrities at the moment are sticking to the main trends in costume jewellery which is still statement costume jewellery. Statement costume jewellery can encompass all types of costume jewellery like chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets or even large cocktail rings.

Celebrities do set a trend when it comes to costume jewellery but you have to remember that they are only following what their stylist is telling them, so remember to add your own style to your costume jewellery.


Can you believe we are coming into April already? Well the fashion houses can as they have already showed their Autumn/Winter 2010-11 fashion collection including their fashion jewellery and costume jewellery lines.

What do the designers say is in store for us this Autumn/Winter 2010-11? Well there is a lot more statement jewellery, and more than anything statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings. As always these pieces of costume jewellery look fabulous with anything from work wear to that glamorous evening out.

Other statement costume jewellery pieces include statement bracelets, statement hair accessories and statement earrings.


13 January

Hot costume jewellery for 2010

Costume jewellery is hot for 2010, but what costume jewellery is this year’s hot piece? Well that’s what where here to tell you. Costume jewellery designs styles and colours for 2010 are all going to be discussed in this blog below to help you make your decision on what to wear this year.

Costume jewellery is not necessarily dictated b a certain trend or style that’s seen on the catwalks, this is more fashion jewellery, but there is a thin line between costume jewellery and fashion jewellery so you really have to consider current catwalk trends. Currently statement jewellery and colourful costume jewellery seems to be very prevalent on the catwalks. So a statement cocktail ring or a statement collar necklace or crystal bracelet for example.

So anything can go with costume jewellery but this year why not try going for large costume jewellery then you are used to or add a bit of colour to your costume jewellery and this way you are sure to have hot costume jewellery for 2010.


The season for awards is just about to begin with the Golden Globes taking place on the 17th January 2010. But what jewellery or costume jewellery do we think will be seen on the red carpet this year? Since the Golden Globes are the first award ceremony in a long list of award ceremonies in 2010, it really does dictate what costume jewellery and dresses will be worn for the rest of the year.

As far as the jewellery or the costume jewellery that we think will be seen on the red carpet we think that the costume jewellery will be big and bold and statement costume jewellery. So it will follow the trend of last year whereby the costume jewellery worn will be one piece that’s a statement costume jewellery piece. So this could be a statement bracelet like a crystal bracelet or statement earrings like crystal chandelier earrings. Or you would see a collar necklace or cocktail rings.

Keep a look out on the red carpet this year to see what trends in costume jewellery you can see for 2010.


4 November

What’s your costume jewellery style?

Your costume jewellery style can come in one of three kinds, English Rose Costume Jewellery, Glamorous Princess costume jewellery or Vintage beauty Costume jewellery. Here we show you the type of fashion accessories and costume jewellery you can wear to suit your costume jewellery style.

English Rose costume jewellery would entail simple and classic designs which are encrusted with crystals and pearls, so ideally simple crystal costume jewellery or pearl costume jewellery would be ideal for your style. Try the Large pearl hair comb or the little drops of heaven set.

Glamorous princess costume jewellery would be for those who want to wow the crowd! Big dress and big costume jewellery, not shying away from statement costume jewellery or crown tiaras.

Finally vintage beauty costume jewellery takes you back to the bygone era, for brides who like the timeless look, with a modern twist. You could borrow costume jewellery from relatives and friends for this look or, nowadays you can buy vintage costume jewellery for a fraction of the price like the vintage choker set.


19 October

Statement costume jewellery

Statement costume jewellery is all about pieces which are large, bold and elegant. They could be colourful costume jewellery, and can range from earrings to necklaces to bracelets to cocktail rings.

Statement costume jewellery can be worn with just about anything, whether it’s your little black dress or your jeans and Uggs. So you could wear a statement cocktail ring with a statement bracelet. Or you could pair chandelier earrings, or statement earrings with a crystal cocktail ring. The combinations are endless. Recent catwalk trend is something called a collar necklace where you wear a statement necklace on your collar line.

Statement jewellery has been prevalent for a good number of years now and its here to stay, so go on, buy your statement costume jewellery now.