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4 February

Bright costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes and sizes. But dont forget that costume jewellery can also come in many different colours as well. Bright costume jewellery is really making waves this season, but it can be hard to find the perfect bright costume jewellery piece to match your outfit. This is where online costume jewellery shops can help.

Bright costume jewellery can be difficult to find but with online costume jewellery shops you have a better chance of success for finding the perfect bright costume jewellery piece. So you can go for a bright cocktail ring, bright earrings or bright bracelet which can match your bright spring wardrobe.

If you need help choosing your bright costume jewellery drop us a line here and we will help you chose the best piece of bright costume jewellery for your perfect outfit.


20 December

New Years Eve Costume jewellery

Christmas is only but days away and you must have decided by now what you will be wearing to the different dinners and parties this holiday season including what costume jewellery you will be wearing too. Well before you know it it will be New Years Eve and you will not have considered what your New Years even costume jewellery is going to be!

Well you may have had a whole lot of costume jewellery listed on your presents list so you may be waiting to get something from that list to wear as your accessory on New Years Eve. But what if your other half didnt pick up on those hints and didnt buy you that special piece of costume jewellery that you wanted? Well you could always do some last minute costume jewellery shopping online at an online costume jewellery shop, and with many provding free next day delivery you will definitely get it in time for New Years Eve.

So whether you decide to wear chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, crystal bracelets or a choker set, get ready for New Years Eve 2010 by purchasing your costume jewellery online.


Costume jewellery is not only just found in online costume jewellery shops, but costume jewellery is now so prevalent on the high street that you can literally find it on any high street shop. And nowadays you also get costume jewellery being designed by alot of well known designers.

For example you have Lanvin who has desgined a collection of clothes and accessories for H&M. Not only are the clothes fabulous but you also have stunning costume jewellery that he has designed.It beautiful and so in trend with the look on the catwalks but also affordable to you and me. There is also the designer costume jewellery range from the likes of Dior and Chanel and even though it may not be as cheap as Lanvins collection at H&M it is still afforadable if you want to buy a few one off pieces.

Costume jewellery is now available to everyone whatever your budget is, but if you want truely unique pieces look at online costume jewellery shops to find that piece thats truely one off and so you.


Theres so much going on in the world of costume jewellery and wedding jewellery that it can be hard to keep a track of whats new with costume jewellery and wedding jewellery. Shefaly is constantly updating their costume jewellery and wedding jewellery collection all year round, and over the coming few months you will see a whole new range and style of costume jewellery and wedding jewellery coming your way.

As far as costume jewellery goes, there will a whole new range of chandelier earrings, bracelets and crystal sets. These are all ideal as prom jewellery or evening jewellery. The styles in costume jewellery will be contempory yet chic and elegant. There will also be a range or vintage costume jewellery to the whole Shefaly collection. And with regards to wedding jewellery, a whole range of crystal wedding jewellery from a range of new designers will also come onto our online costume jewellery shop.

So if you are looking for the unique piece of costume jewellery or wedding jewellery then look no further than Shefaly’s online jewellery shop.


3 November

Antique costume jewellery

So many people nowadays love the look of anything antique, whether its furniture,cars or costume jewellery even. Those people who are fond of Antique costume jewellery has grown over the years and many people now search for antique costume jewellery when it comes to buying jewellery as their wedding jewellery or prom jewellery or as christmas present jewellery. So what is it about antique costume jewellery that people like so much and what is classed as antique costume jewellery?

Antique costume jewellery are those pieces of costume jewellery that looks,or is actually from an long time ago. So it could be a heirloom, that your mother or grandmother or her mother passed onto you. Or it could be a piece of jewellery that you have found in a thrift shop, or in a car boot sale. Antique costume jewellery can also be found on the net in online costume jewellery shops. There is the antique hair slide, or antique pearl and crystal headband. Antique brooches are also a great piece of costume jewellery and are very much an heirloom. Even if they arent an heirloom, you can buy a piece of antique looking costume jewellery in an online costume jewellery shop and make it an heirloom by passing it down to loved ones.

Antique costume jewellery can make a great Christmas present for your mum or grandmother, and is also great when used as wedding jewellery or evening jewellery.


Costume jewellery isnt just worn by the like of you and me. Costume jewellery is also worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Mischa Barton and Cameron Diaz.Costume jewllery is so versatile to wear and hence celebrities love costume jewellery.Its a great way to accessorise any outfit whether its for a red carpet event or for an evening out with the boyfriend.

So what are the current celebrity costume jewellery trends. Well as ever, hair accessories has to come in as number one as the costume jewellery trend and the must have accessory to wear. Hair jewellery can make your stand out, whether its a crystal headband or a beautiful crystal hair slide. Or you can go for the next big trend which is cocktail rings. Cocktail rings are a great accessory, whether you go for a statement cocktail ring or a small cocktail ring. Finally, bangles are a great celebrity trend.Whether you wear stacked bangles or you wear a large cuff bracelet, that is the trend to go for.

Costume jewellery worn by celebrities can cost quiet a bit. But with an online costume jewellery shop you can see that costume jewellery isnt expensive and you can get true star style.


Buying costume jewellery and fashion accessories online has never been easier and so convenient. You no longer have to travel down to your high street on a really busy Saturday just to find that they have nothing you like! In addition, high street prices are generally so much more expensive since that have such high overheads, whereas online, costume jewellery and fashion accessory retailers can offer reduced price high quality costume jewellery, including cocktail rings, hair accessories and bridal jewellery, since we have reduced overheads.

There are many things to consider when buying from an Online Costume Jewellery Shop.  Most importantly is to make sure that the online store offers a secure checkout where you know your card details are safe. A few well known payment carts are; World Pay, PayPal and Protx. Also make sure that the Online Costume Jewellery Shop has a telephone number you can contact them on should you have any problems. You don’t really want to wait for an email reply. Always check their returns policy too just in case you are unhappy with you jewellery. As long as the store has these main points you should feel confident in buying from the store.

If you need any help in buying costume jewellery, or have found somewhere else and are not really sure please do contact us and we will be happy to help. Feel free to browse our extensive range of costume jewellery on our online costume jewellery store, Shefaly | House of Jewels.


23 December

Buying costume jewellery online

Buying costume jewellery online needn’t be a hassle or even expensive as long as you know where to shop and what to buy. Firstly where would you go to buy costume jewellery online? Obviously to online costume jewellery shop like Shefaly. A reputable company like ourselves is one which people trust to come back to time and time again for their costume jewellery needs, whether as a present or just for yourself

Then you need to make sure that the costume jewellery shop adheres to uk regulations whereby the costume jewellery is nickel free costume jewellery so that you can make sure that you won’t get a rash from the costume jewellery. Also make sure that the costume jewellery shop provides a secure online shopping experience like with Shefaly who uses Worldpay as their payment processor, so we don’t keep any records on file and it is all secure so no one else can see this page once you are done.

If you need any help with your costume jewellery buying, please do email us and if you have any useful hints or tips for your fellow costume jewellery buyers please comment below!


25 November

Wedding hair combs as wedding costume jewellery

Accessorising for your wedding day can be a real hassle at times especially when there are so many choices out there when it comes to costume jewellery and hair accessories. What you have to realise when it comes to your costume jewellery and hair jewellery is that online costume jewellery shop has the best value for money without compromising on style and quality.

One of the best types of wedding costume jewellery is the wedding hair comb. Wedding hair combs can be used in many different ways in many different hair styles. So you could have a half tiara hair comb that sits on the front of your head with flowing curly locks cascading down your back. You would look like a true princess. Or how about having a chignon and slipping a pearl hair comb or a crystal hair comb onto the side of it as wedding hair jewellery.

Wedding hair combs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wedding costume jewellery and wedding accessories. You can chose from such a huge range of wedding accessories, including wedding hair pins and crystal costume jewellery, that’s why Shefaly is here to help answer any question you have.



7 September

Wholesale hair jewellery

Shefaly | House of Jewels is a well known brand in the wholesale jewellery market. All our costume jewellery is high quality and now you can get wholesale hair jewellery and wholesale costume jewellery at fantastic prices. 

Hair jewellery is a must have accessory to stock when you have an online costume jewellery shop or if you have a high street shop selling costume jewellery. So why not purchase some wholesale hair jewellery.

Contact us at Shefaly | House of Jewels and we will be happy to go over your needs whether you are looking for bridal hair jewellery, crystal hair accessories or hair combs.