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20 December

New Years Eve Costume jewellery

Christmas is only but days away and you must have decided by now what you will be wearing to the different dinners and parties this holiday season including what costume jewellery you will be wearing too. Well before you know it it will be New Years Eve and you will not have considered what your New Years even costume jewellery is going to be!

Well you may have had a whole lot of costume jewellery listed on your presents list so you may be waiting to get something from that list to wear as your accessory on New Years Eve. But what if your other half didnt pick up on those hints and didnt buy you that special piece of costume jewellery that you wanted? Well you could always do some last minute costume jewellery shopping online at an online costume jewellery shop, and with many provding free next day delivery you will definitely get it in time for New Years Eve.

So whether you decide to wear chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, crystal bracelets or a choker set, get ready for New Years Eve 2010 by purchasing your costume jewellery online.


Christmas has come and gone so quick, but the partying doesn’t stop there since New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. So whatever you are planning this New Years Eve don’t forget it glam it up with some stunning fashion jewellery and costume jewellery.

So if you are going to a New Years Eve ball you could obviously go for a crystal necklace and earring set and a crystal bracelet for example which would look beautiful on the night with your ball gown. Or if you are going clubbing how about chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet. Or if you are going to stay at home and have a few friends round, you could again go for a stunning pair of earrings that compliment your laid back look, and maybe a crystal brooch. And if you are a guy, go for a pair of crystal cufflinks that will go with your jeans or your tuxedo.

If you are not sure about what will wear as your New Year’s Eve costume jewellery, email us and we can help you as much as possible.


From today we have exactly 9 weeks to Christmas. And when you think about how quick this year has gone, you only have a little while to think about your Christmas presents and more importantly your Christmas costume jewellery and New Years Eve Costume jewellery!

Your Christmas costume jewellery or your Christmas costume jewellery presents doesn’t have to follow a trend or a certain style, since it all depends on the person’s individual taste. So if you are thinking of sticking with Christmas colours for your outfit, go for red costume jewellery or green costume jewellery.

And as for costume jewellery presents, you can’t go wrong with a statement cocktail ring or a crystal bracelet. I’d stay away from earrings as they aren’t returnable. :)