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Hair accessories are the key piece to any bridal outfit. You may be wearing a necklace, or you may opt not to wear one. Either way, more likely than not the bride will choose to have an elegant hair accessory such as a tiara or a hair comb.

There are many different types of hair tiaras, from diamond, CZ to crystal, these also made from many finishes, from silver, to gold. Most brides opt for the budget ranges from £40 to £250, which makes the most sense. For this price range you can access a whole wealth of styles, finishes and designs.

Shefaly has a large collection of hair accessories, from pins, combs to slides and tiaras. If yo dont find what you need, then we can also bespoke create a tiara for you.

Love, Shefaly

18 May

Beautiful Bridal Jewellery

So wedding season is literally round the corner and boy do you have a great choice of wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery to chose from. You truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery in this day and age as you have so much to chose from- from crystal jewellery to pearl jewellery to coloured costume jewellery, you cant go wrong with bridal jewellery if you choice what you like and what matches your style.

As far as bridal jewellery goes you have so much to choose. So not only do you have to chose bridal jewellery for yourself but also have to chose bridal jewellery for your wedding party including jewellery for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids jewellery. For your self you have to look for earrings, necklaces and even bracelets. This could be crystal earrings, crystal necklaces or crystal bracelets. Some women even like to wear a crystal cocktail ring as their bridal jewellery. The most important accessory for your bridal jewellery would be your hair accessories and the most popular of hair accessories is the crystal headband or crystal hair comb.

If you want help choosing your hair accessories or and of your bridal jewellery drop us a line here at Shefaly House of Jewels and we can help you chose the bridal jewellery thats perfect fr your own style and for your theme of wedding.


8 September

Strictly line up (and hair jewellery!) revealed!

Strictly come dancing starts this weekend and we cannot wait! The line up looks fabulous this year and will definitely be a series you wont want to miss. But remember, the all important costumes and costume jewellery, especially the stunning hair jewellery that you have to look out for as they are what complete the look.

So you got the likes of Nancy Dell’Olio, Holly Valence and Alex Jones. They are the one si got my eye on this year. And you can imagine how stunning they are going to look in our beautiful stunning hair jewellery. Look out for crystal hair slides and fascinators in this years Strictly Come Dancing.

If you see any of our hair jewellery on stirctly come dancing drop us a line here and you might just be in line to win some stunning hair accessories yourself. All to be revealed in due course!


30 June

Promzillas uses Shefaly Hair Accessories

Since we announced that Popstar to Operastar were using our hair jewellery for this series which has Cheryl Baker and Claire Richards as the only women left in the show, we also have the great news to announce that Promzillas also are currently using Shefaly Hair accessories for the top show which is on SkyLiving at the moment.

Promzillas is a show that looks at teh American craze of the high school prom that has become oh so popular now. Fairy godmothers dress the girls up with all the costume jewellery, hair jewellery, makeup and the perfect dress they can find to make them look like a princess for their big day. Promzilla approached us as they saw how special our hair accesorries are and they knew that our hair jewellery would be the perfect match in their show.

Keep a look out on our blog to see what new shows and magazines are using our stunning costume jewellery and hair accessories. And if they see how special our items are surely you should too…!


Shefaly House of Jewels has been luck enough to be choosen by Popstar to Operastar to have their hair jewellery choosen to be adorned on the heads of their stars! Our crystal hair accessories will be the show stealer on the fantastic second series of Popstar to Opera star.

So far we have seen Clair Richards wear our beautiful Crystal burst headband. The crystal burst headband looked stunning with her canary yellow dress. We cant wait to see which other celebrities will be wearing our beautiful hair accessories.

Keep a look out on the Popstar to Operastar show for our beautiful hair jewellery and if you spot something that you think could be part of our range of hair jewellery drop us a line here.


23 February

What costume jewellery are you wearing?

Costume jewellery is the  must have accessory to have this year. Every high street shop and online costume jewellery shop has costume jewellery as the must have accessory to have. So what costume jewellery are you wearing and what is your favourite costume jewellery? Here we have some of our favourites.

Costume jewellery can come in many different shapes sizes styles and colours and so what costume jewellery you decide to wear or buy really does depend on what you are or will be wearing. One of our favourite costume jewellery is hair accessories. They can really add a great twist to any outfit whether used as wedding jewellery or prom jewellery. We also love cocktail rings.They can be worn to work or to a fabulous party.

Whatever costume jewellery you do decide to wear or to buy just remember you cannot have enough costume jewellery to wear with all your outfits.


22 December

Costume jewellery for girls in Christmas

Costume jewellery isnt just for us older ladies, its a great little gift for the little girl in your life whether its for your duaghter, niece or granddaughter. Costume jewellery can make a great Christmas present or birthday present, but what type of costume jewellery is suitable for little girls?

Well you could always go for the obvious like a necklace or a pair of earrings, but the greatest little costume jewellery accessory for a little girl is hair accessories. They look stunning against long or short hair, plaited or pony tailed hair. Hair accessories wise, pony bands are a great present, as are little hair claws and little hair slides.

Costume jewellery for girls at Christmas or at any time of the year will make any little girl in your life really happy as girls love sparkly things, and especially sparkly jewellery. And besides, it will keep the little angel out of your jewellery box, for a little while anyways.


26 November

Hair accessories for all hair lengths

Hair accessories can add a touch of glamour and elegance to your outfit, whether its used as wedding jewellery, Christmas jewellery or prom jewellery. But many people think that hair accessories cant be used on short hair for example as you cant tie your short hair up. But you sure can use just about most hair accessories with most hairstyles and lengths. Hair accessories are generally very versatile and so can be used for all sorts of hair.

With short hair you can use hair accessories. Hair accessories are often the answer to how to add a different look to your hair on a big event, since many short styles you cant do much else with it. You can wear a stunning crystal headband, or a small hair clip for example.For mid length hair you can use a small hair comb or hair claw on the side of your head to make this length look stunning.For long hair you reallly are spoilt for choice since you can have any style of hair and use any typr of hair accessory depending on the look you are going for. You can use stunning hair pins in a bun, or you can use a sparkly hair band on a ponytail.

You really are spoilt for choice now when it comes to hair accessories, especially with many people now even using things like necklaces and brooches as hair accessories. You can now even get indian hair jewellery to add a little twist to you hair, so you can wear a hair tikka for example which would look stunning.


So you must be thinking about your Christmas presents for this year if you havent already bought them. And with Christmas around the corner, if you havent bought your Christmas presents yet then you really need to make a move on.One great idea for a Christmas present is Children’s costume jewelleryChildren’s jewellery can make such a great and special gift, and it really doesnt have to be expensive.

Children’s jewellery is such a great way to make any child feel special.And as far as costume jewellery goes, you can buy all sorts of children’s jewellery. For example, crystal studs are a great present for girls of all ages.They look stunning on Christmas day!Then there is the ultimate in costume jewellery which is hair accessories. You can little girls a cute butterfly kirby grip, or a crystal hair slide, all which look stunning on girls of all ages. Little girls also love costume jewellery like bracelets and necklaces.

Children’s jewellery has come a long way since the days of our mums putting in black kirby girps in our hair! And with childrens loving things like X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, buying little girls more adult type sparkly childrens jewellery is a great treat at Christmas as a Christmas present.


20 September

Strictly come dancing jewellery

October 2nd is slowly creeping up on us and we cant wait for our hair accessories to be showcased on Strictly come dancing 2010. What better hair accessories to use then Shefaly’s hair accessories that match the Strictly costumes and the stunning celebrities who wear the costumes and hair jewellery.

We know the stunning woman celebrities who will be participating in this years Strictly Come Dancing 2010, Ann Widdecombe, Felicity Kendall, Kara Tointon, Michelle Williams, Pamela Stephenson, Patsy Kensit and Tine O’Brien. With such a list of celebrities you can just imagine Shefaly jewellery looking fabulous on them.

So keep a look out in two weeks time to see the first show of this years strictly, and keep a look out on our blog to see what which celebrities are wearing our costume jewellery and hair accessories.