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14 January

Fashion and costume jewellery sale

The shefaly costume and fashion jewellery sale is coming to an end soon! Shop as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

The entire store is on sale, so to take advantage of these great sale prices, buy today!

There are many products including hair acessories, bridal jewellery, arm bands, earrings and handbags on offer!


7 January

Fashion jewellery trends from 2011

2011 has seen the rise of all types of fashion jewellery. This has been in colours, styles and finishes.

Of these jewellery style trends, the most popular has been the plastic style hair bands and cloth hair flowers.

This trend owes itself to many celebs and a-list people, like Amy Winehouse.



25 October

Diwali Costume Jewellery- colours galore!

Diwali is well and truely on it way tomorrow and we cant believe its already here! What with summer weddings and Christmas on our mind, we had forgotton all about Diwali. Now that its here we still got to think about what stunning costume jewellery one can wear this Diwali. For such a special occasion you are really spoilt for choice.

Diwali is a time when you bring out all the colourful accessories you have. Not only is your house decorated in colourful lights and decorations, but Diwali is a time to wear colourful clothes and colourful costume jewellery and fashion jewellery.  Colourful costume jewellery encompasses many things like red cocktail ring, green cuff bracelet or pink hair accessories. But you can also go very ethnic and go for a blue hair tikka. You can also accessorise with colourful handbags, like a red handbag.

Diwali can be a time when you really cant go wrong with your costume jewellery and fashion jewellery. And its a time to spoil yourself rotten as its the New Year and if you dont spoil yourself now when are you going to spoil yourself.


13 October

Red costume jewellery for Christmas

Christmas is well and truely only 10 weeks and 2 days away- how exciting! So all you fashionistas and early shoppers are ready to buy your costume jewellery for the christmas parties and the costume jewellery gifts for all those who you cherish the most. Costume jewellery is a great accessory for Christmas and this Christmas’s costume jewellery colour has to be red costume jewellery.

Bold colours are very much in this season, espcially block colouring, and red is the must have seasons colour to have in your wardrobe and your fashion jewellery. Red is not only a great bold colour of choice but is also a very seasonal colour. Red costume jewellery can match more or less any outfit whether you are going for a little black dress or a colourful outfit. Even as a costume jewellery present it looks amazing when you give colourful costume jewellery rather than plain crystal costume jewellery as it looks as though you have given it some serious thought.

However if you do feel red costume jewellery is not really your colour when it comes to costume jewellery, or you dont think red costume jewellery is a great present for any of your loved ones, you can always opt for black costume jewellery or crystal costume jewellery.


Costume jewellery and fashion jewellery are both really popular choices for our customers yet they do not know what the difference is between costume jewellery and fashion jewellery. Its can be commonly thought that costume jewellery and fashion jewellery are the same thing but this is not the case.

So what is the difference between costume jewellery and fashion jewellery? Well costume jewellery is defined by wikapedia and many other sources as jewellery that is made form inexpensive metals and imitation or semiprecious stones. Then what is fashion jewellery? Well fashion jewellery is jewellery that is following a current trend. This can range from feather earrings, beaded necklaces or large statement cocktail rings.

The best example of costume jewellery is what you see on the Shefaly | House of Jewels website. They provide a range of costume jewellery from necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets to cufflinks for men and women. They also have a range of fashion jewellery available too for all you fashionistas out there who want on trend fashion jewellery.


23 February

What costume jewellery are you wearing?

Costume jewellery is the  must have accessory to have this year. Every high street shop and online costume jewellery shop has costume jewellery as the must have accessory to have. So what costume jewellery are you wearing and what is your favourite costume jewellery? Here we have some of our favourites.

Costume jewellery can come in many different shapes sizes styles and colours and so what costume jewellery you decide to wear or buy really does depend on what you are or will be wearing. One of our favourite costume jewellery is hair accessories. They can really add a great twist to any outfit whether used as wedding jewellery or prom jewellery. We also love cocktail rings.They can be worn to work or to a fabulous party.

Whatever costume jewellery you do decide to wear or to buy just remember you cannot have enough costume jewellery to wear with all your outfits.


18 November

Sorry we’ve been away for a wh…

Sorry we’ve been away for a while! We have been out searching for new costume jewellery for all our trendy followers!xx

We have time and time again said that every girl must have certain pieces of costume jewellery in their jewellery box and one of these pieces is the cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are a fantastic piece of fashion jewellery as its so versatile and can be as big or as small as you like it to be. No girl should be seen without a cocktail ring on her finger to any event that she wants to look extra special at.

Cocktail rings are a great piece of costume jewellery to wear to work even. You can’t wear chandelier earrings or a crystal cuff bracelet to work, that would just look wrong! But you can wear a statement cocktail ring and look fabulous. And the reason they look so fabulous is because cocktail rings aren’t a piece of costume jewellery thats really in your face, and you only really attract attention to it if you really try to attract attention to it. Cocktail rings are also a great accessory on your wedding day too as part of your wedding jewellery. You can wear it on your non-ring finger hand and that will get so many compliments.

The best thing about cocktail rings at present is that it really adds to the current trend that is have perfectly polished fingernails. If you are the type of person who loves their nails to be perfectly manicured like the likes of Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian, then put a stunning cocktail ring on those mitts and look as fabulous as they do.


Purple swirl cocktail ring

16 October

Fashion Jewellery at Westfields – London

Theres lots of shopping centres with lots of jewellery stores. What makes Westfields in London different? The answer is the selection! You can find all types of fashion jewellery, in different colours and styles and finishes.

The stores are quite mainstream, as you would expect of any large shopping centres. You have your usual House of Fraser, and generic themed jewellery stores. One thing that Westfields may lack is the selection of chic fashion jewellery or classy fashion jewellery.

These types of items are well presented online. You can find these stores by entering costume jewellery or fashion jewellery into Bing, Yahoo to Google. The best stores tend to be found on page 1 or 2. You can find red jewels, black jewels and swarovski jewellery. So its all about what your likes are and what the outfit is your trying to match.

Dont forget that trends in fashion jewellery extend to hair accessories in different colours such as purples, pinks blues and reds. Hair jewellery is a growing trend since shows like Strictly on BBC1.

Love, Shefaly Blog

14 October

thanks to all those who got us…

thanks to all those who got us to over 500 followers! you must all love costume jewellery as much as i do! now lets get to 1000 followers!!x