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3 November

Costume Jewellery as Christmas Presents

Costume jewellery is such a great universal piece of fashion accessory that many people decide to use it as not only wedding jewellery or party jewellery but also as Christmas presents. Costume jewellery for christmas presents are a great alternative as a christmas present for loved ones, especially as a christmas gift for wife, christmas gift for girlfriend or christmas gift for men.

So what costume jewellery could you give to someone as a christmas gift? Well for a special woman in your life you could give a beautiful cocktail ring, or a stunning crystal bracelet. They both show you how much you love her and are returnable unlike earrings which are non returnable dure to health and hygiene reasons. For the man in your life whether its your husband, boyfriend or boos whay not give him a pair of crystal cufflinks? They are very unique and look so expensive he will think you have gone all out this Christmas.

If you want help choosing your costume jewellery gifts this year why not drop us a line here at the House of Jewels and we will help you out as much as possible as long as you give us your requirements for a gift.


11 February

What’s costume jewellery?

Costume jewellery is defined as jewellery that is made from inexpensive metals and imitation or semiprecious stones. Inexpensive or non precious metals include materials such as gold plating, silver plating, wood, leather and beads. Costume jewellery is not made from gold, silver, cultured pearls. However Swarovski Crystal costume jewellery is classed as costume jewellery.

The best example of costume jewellery is what you see on the Shefaly | House of Jewels website. They provide a range of costume jewellery from necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets to cufflinks for men and women.

When it comes to what costume jewellery you decide to wear go with what you are comfortable with and you can also go with what’s in fashion.


Meet Shefaly | House of Jewels, the most stunning collection of costume jewellery this side of the stars. Shefaly doesn’t follow fashion, they set it. Travelling the globe for inspiration, Shefaly’s costume jewellery and fashion jewellery is so unique and affordable.

The finest Swarovski crystals create a truly unique collection of costume jewelry and fashion jewellery, some pieces of which are specially designed by Shefaly herself.  Stunning colours infuse with a variety of design-led costume jewellery styles which means you can find a jewel for any occasion, not to mention every outfit.

From earrings and necklaces, chokers and hair accessories, to bracelets and Shefaly’s own unique cuff-links, each affordable, timeless jewel offers a quality second-to-none, which means you can enjoy your jewels time and time again, season to season.

Stand out in style with Shefaly


19 October

Statement costume jewellery

Statement costume jewellery is all about pieces which are large, bold and elegant. They could be colourful costume jewellery, and can range from earrings to necklaces to bracelets to cocktail rings.

Statement costume jewellery can be worn with just about anything, whether it’s your little black dress or your jeans and Uggs. So you could wear a statement cocktail ring with a statement bracelet. Or you could pair chandelier earrings, or statement earrings with a crystal cocktail ring. The combinations are endless. Recent catwalk trend is something called a collar necklace where you wear a statement necklace on your collar line.

Statement jewellery has been prevalent for a good number of years now and its here to stay, so go on, buy your statement costume jewellery now.


7 October

Designer costume jewellery

Costume jewellery is jewelry that is made from semiprecious stones and non-valuable metals, like leather beads or gold plating. Costume jewelry does not have real gold or real silver in it. Swarovski crystal jewellery is a form of costume jewellery, and Shefaly specialises in this form of costume jewelry.

Designer costume jewellery encompasses all the above traits of costume jewellery. Designer costume jewellery can include necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings, bracelets and cufflinks. Our costume jewellery is designer costume jewellery as our designs are created in house. We have designer costume jewellery that ranges from cufflinks to cocktail rings.

Whatever you decide to wear when it comes to fashion and costume jewellery, wear it with style, and wear what feels comfortable on you and you are sure to dazzle all around you!


4 September

Beautiful models and stunning costume jewellery

There seems to be a real new trend for models to design costume jewellery. Designer costume jewellery seems to be the thing to design at present and that could be anything from cocktail rings, bracelets to crystal necklaces.

Daisy Lowe is one such model to start designing costume jewellery for Swarovski. The very beautiful and stylish model has told press that she will be designing a range of costume jewellery with Swarovski that will include earrings, a ring, a necklace and a bracelet all of which will be available in January in stores. The costume jewellery line is inspired by the planets and we are sure it will be out of this world!

Image courteousy of


A lot of our customers are very interested in costume jewelry and fashion jewelry yet they do not entirely know what the difference is between fashion jewellery and costume jewellery so we thought we’d write a little blog on this.

Costume jewelry is defined as jewelry that is made from inexpensive metals and imitation or semiprecious stones. Fashion jewelry on the other hand is jewelry that is following a current trend. This can range from wooden cuff bracelets, beaded necklaces or large statement cocktail rings.

The best example of costume jewellery is what you see on the Shefaly | House of Jewels website. They provide a range of costume jewelry from necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets to cufflinks for men and women.

Whatever you decide to wear when it comes to fashion jewelry and costume jewelry, wear it with style, and wear what feels comfortable on you and you are sure to dazzle all around you!


2 August

Ladies cufflinks

Cufflinks are not only worn by men nowadays, women love wearing cufflinks to whether they are crystal cufflinks or plain cufflinks. Ladies cufflinks are also worn on double cuff shirts, and look stunning.

As a gift, ladies cufflinks are a great choice, even for those women who have never worn cufflinks before as this gives them an excuse to try something new. The best type of cufflinks are the crystal cufflinks as they not only look more expensive than they really are, but they can really look great as an accessory. Also you can buy matching cocktail rings and bracelets or earrings to the cufflinks to really help finish the look off.

Our crystal cuff links come in different colours and styles to reflect the type of person you are buying for. And our crystal cufflinks are unisex so you both can wear them!


14 June

Handmade costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles shapes and colours, but to get the best out of the costume jewellery you purchase you can’t beat costume jewellery that’s made meticulously by hand with lots of love care and attention.

That’s why all of Shefaly’s costume jewelry is finished by hand. All the Swarovski crystals and the beautiful beads are carefully placed on all costume jewelry pieces, whether they be hair accessories, cocktail rings, crystal necklace and earring sets or earrings, all crystals are placed on by hand.

That’s why Shefaly costume jewellery has become so popular now, as we don’t only pay a lot of attention to the design of our costume jewellery, but also the way in which the costume jewelry is made.


4 February

Online costume jewellery shop

Costume jewellery  is just so fashionable and is always so envogue. It is the must have accessory for any woman or man. But your choice is not limited to the high street; you can also look online for the best costume jewellery range and styles.

Costume jewellery is so fashionable and is worn by so many people including celebrities from Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton. These celebrities not only wear costume jewellery on the red carpet (although many of them wear diamonds and rubies!) but they also wear it on a day to day basis with their jeans or dress. Costume jewellery can really dress up any outfit and can make fabulous wedding jewellery.

Online costume jewellery shops makes shopping easier as no longer have to travel down to your high street on a really busy Saturday just to find that they have nothing you like! In addition, high street prices are generally so much more expensive since that have such high overheads, whereas online costume jewellery and fashion accessory retailers can offer reduced price high quality costume jewellery, including cocktail rings, hair accessories and bridal jewellery, since we have reduced overheads.

Online costume jewellery shops are also safe to buy from. All you have to do is to make sure that the online store offers a secure checkout where you know your card details are safe. A few well known payment carts are; World Pay, PayPal and Protx. Also make sure that the Online Costume Jewellery Shop has a telephone number you can contact them on should you have any problems. You don’t really want to wait for an email reply. Always check their returns policy too just in case you are unhappy with you jewellery. As long as the store has these main points you should feel confident in buying from the store.

If you need any help in buying costume jewellery, or have found somewhere else and are not really sure please do contact us and we will be happy to help. Feel free to browse our extensive range of costume jewellery on our online costume jewellery store, Shefaly | House of Jewels.