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30 November

Wedding jewellery this Christmas

There is now really no set wedding season. Many brides chose to have their wedding during summer as they might prefer the weather at that time. But many brides chose to have their wedding during the winter months too, many because they can wear alot more wedding jewellery and a lot of sparkly wedding jewellery which matches the theme for that time of year.

As far as wedding jewellery for Christmas goes, you are spoilt for choice. You can wear so many different types of costume jewellery to your wedding, but if you are having a Christmas wedding then you can also chose say red wedding jewellery or green wedding jewellery to match the theme of Christmas. For Christmas time you can also wear crystal wedding jewellery which would match the whole crystal themed wedding that you could potentially have. You can wear a crystal headband, or a crystal necklace set, or even crystal chandelier earrings.

Christmas wedding jewellery is a great way to accessorise your wedding outfit. You can really glam it up with some crystal wedding accessories and make you look like a stunning bride.


3 March

Summer bridal jewellery

Summer is just around the corner, and you must already have had so many weddings to go to. So whether you are the bride or looking to go to a few weddings you need to find the right costume jewellery and bridal jewellery for your big day, or to look stunning in front of the ex at a wedding!

As a summer bride you have such a huge choice of jewellery since you are bound to have great weather so you can show off most of your body from your arms to your neckline. So you could wear an armband. Or you can wear a cuff bracelet and a cocktail ring with chandelier earrings. Or a stunning crystal necklace and earring set. As a guest to a wedding you have even more choice, like colourful costume jewellery like black earrings, gold earrings or pink bracelets, all of which can match your outfit and shoes.

If you want help choosing your costume jewellery or wedding jewellery drop us a line here at the House of Jewels.


30 January

Wedding jewellery for the wedding season

Wedding season is more or less here. Although nowadays there is no real wedding season, most people chose to have their wedding during the summer months. So as far as we are concerned, it’s time to chose your wedding jewellery if you are having your wedding in the upcoming wedding season.

Wedding Jewellery is more about your own personal style than anything else. Yes you can go with what’s in fashion (and laugh at your wedding photos in years to come!) or you can go with what you feel comfortable with. Most people seem to love wearing chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet or a stunning crystal necklace and earring set and teaming it up with a crystal hair accessory.

Wedding jewellery is a very personal choice so you have to be careful in what you chose to wear and make sure it matches your outfit and your wedding theme.


16 July

Jewellery for brides


Image courteousy of you and your wedding

I can’t stress enough how important it is to chose your bridal jewelry carefully : it is as important as choosing your dress or shoes! Jewelry for brides should be chosen carefully and the costume jewellery that you should take into account should be your colour, neckline and style of wedding or wedding dress.

So as a bride you can go for crystal earrings for example, if you have a high neckline. This can be paired with a beautiful crystal bracelet. Or for those of you with a lunging neckline, why not try as stunning crystal necklace and earring set. Or you can try a beautiful crystal brooch to hold your pashmina or shrug up.

If you need help choosing you crystal bridal jewellery, drop us a line here at Shefaly.