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Costume jewellery encompasses many different styles and selections. But, consume jewellery has always had a hint of colour, whether it be antique silver, of colourful crystals and gems.

Many cultures and people embrace these colours for what they are, such as Asians from Japan and India, as well as Irish people. Therefore the market is widespread as are the selections in the market.

The types of jewellery we are talking about includes earrings, bracelets, hair accessories and necklaces.

Many retailers can be found online or within hight street stores. Google costume jewellery or another phrase to see what retailers show on the results.

Love Shefaly


9 June

Crystal costume jewellery

Crystal costume jewellery can be stunning yet quite inexpensive. But what are the options and types of costume jewellery? Crystal costume
Jewellery can come in many different qualities, styles and finishes.

Crystal costume jewellery includes necklaces, crystal rings, bling and bold earrings, hair accessories and brooches.

These are made from many different types of crystals, from cz to swarovski.

You can find many different companies selling costume jewellery online and on the high street, but you are likely to find the best offers online!

Love shefaly

18 May

Beautiful Bridal Jewellery

So wedding season is literally round the corner and boy do you have a great choice of wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery to chose from. You truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery in this day and age as you have so much to chose from- from crystal jewellery to pearl jewellery to coloured costume jewellery, you cant go wrong with bridal jewellery if you choice what you like and what matches your style.

As far as bridal jewellery goes you have so much to choose. So not only do you have to chose bridal jewellery for yourself but also have to chose bridal jewellery for your wedding party including jewellery for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids jewellery. For your self you have to look for earrings, necklaces and even bracelets. This could be crystal earrings, crystal necklaces or crystal bracelets. Some women even like to wear a crystal cocktail ring as their bridal jewellery. The most important accessory for your bridal jewellery would be your hair accessories and the most popular of hair accessories is the crystal headband or crystal hair comb.

If you want help choosing your hair accessories or and of your bridal jewellery drop us a line here at Shefaly House of Jewels and we can help you chose the bridal jewellery thats perfect fr your own style and for your theme of wedding.


14 May

Product of the week : crystal earrings

We haven’t written a blog in a while but now that we are we want to start off with our product of the week! Crystal earrings. We have chosen this as our product of the week as its one of the most versatile and elegant pieces of costume jewellery available. As far as costume jewellery goes this is one of the best pieces Of costume jewellery that can be used as wedding jewellery prom jewellery.

Crystal earrings come in many different sizes shapesdesigns and colours. Our favourite type of crystal earrings are chandelier earrings. Chandelier earrings are not only elegant and sophisticated, they can be worn to any event as wedding jewellery or as prom jewellery or even as evening jewellery. We also like small crystal earrings like small crystal studs and small chandelier earrings.

Crystal earrings can help dress up anyoutfit at any time. If you want to wear crystal earrings as wedding jewellery or special occasion you can do as you are really spoilt for choice as to what type of crystal earrings to wear.

30 November

Wedding jewellery this Christmas

There is now really no set wedding season. Many brides chose to have their wedding during summer as they might prefer the weather at that time. But many brides chose to have their wedding during the winter months too, many because they can wear alot more wedding jewellery and a lot of sparkly wedding jewellery which matches the theme for that time of year.

As far as wedding jewellery for Christmas goes, you are spoilt for choice. You can wear so many different types of costume jewellery to your wedding, but if you are having a Christmas wedding then you can also chose say red wedding jewellery or green wedding jewellery to match the theme of Christmas. For Christmas time you can also wear crystal wedding jewellery which would match the whole crystal themed wedding that you could potentially have. You can wear a crystal headband, or a crystal necklace set, or even crystal chandelier earrings.

Christmas wedding jewellery is a great way to accessorise your wedding outfit. You can really glam it up with some crystal wedding accessories and make you look like a stunning bride.


3 November

Costume Jewellery as Christmas Presents

Costume jewellery is such a great universal piece of fashion accessory that many people decide to use it as not only wedding jewellery or party jewellery but also as Christmas presents. Costume jewellery for christmas presents are a great alternative as a christmas present for loved ones, especially as a christmas gift for wife, christmas gift for girlfriend or christmas gift for men.

So what costume jewellery could you give to someone as a christmas gift? Well for a special woman in your life you could give a beautiful cocktail ring, or a stunning crystal bracelet. They both show you how much you love her and are returnable unlike earrings which are non returnable dure to health and hygiene reasons. For the man in your life whether its your husband, boyfriend or boos whay not give him a pair of crystal cufflinks? They are very unique and look so expensive he will think you have gone all out this Christmas.

If you want help choosing your costume jewellery gifts this year why not drop us a line here at the House of Jewels and we will help you out as much as possible as long as you give us your requirements for a gift.


19 October

Halloween party costume jewellery

Can you believe we are mid-way through October already!? And whats special about October? Halloween ofcourse! Halloween is just around the corner, well 12 days away to be exact, and so are all the Halloween parties that you might be attending. So what else would you want to do expect buy your Halloween party costume jewellery, essential for anyone attending a Halloween party this year.

Halloween parties can be anything from fancy dress parties to a classic evening party. For fancy dress parties you might need costume jewellery depending on what you are going as. For example you could go as Audrey Hepburn and wear loads of pearl costume jewellery or crystal costume jewellery. Or even Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend and wear loads of crystal costume jewellery. Or if you are attending a classy function, why not go for small crystal earrings and a crystal bracelet, something elegant. Even just a pair of chandelier earrings and a cocktail ring would look stunning.

Halloween is such a fun time of year, and playing dress up isntjust for kids anymore. And whats more, once Halloween’s over, you have Christmas just around the corner to look forward to which will be that much more exciting, especially as you get to buy yourself some more new costume jewellery!


The Venice film festival took place recently and the stars where out it style including the likes of Kate Winslet, Keira Knightly and Madonna. They were all glammed up to the max and looked stunning in their beautiful gowns promoting their respective films. They were also adorned in the most stunning costume jewellery you could see.

One such star who really stood out in style was Kate Winslet. She wore the most stunning Stella McCartney outfit. It was the most flattering dress I have ever seen, and such was the optical illusion it looked as though Kate had lost half her body weight with no exercise or diet! She accessorised this dress with stunning costume jewellery. A beautiful crystal cuff bracelet and a stunning pair of crystal earrings. This look was the talk of the Venice Film Festival.

Many of the stars were out in style at the Venice Film Festival. They wore Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney or other prominant designers of today. They all adorned the most stunning costume jewellery.


31 August

Crystal chandelier earrings

Earrings are a must have accessory for any woman, and even more so when you are going to a special occasion like as wedding jewellery or a prom jewellery. Crystal chandelier earrings are the must have accessory for special occasions like that. And if you are lucky you might even find a pair of crystal chandelier earrings that can be worn to work or even to a special occasion.

Crystal chandelier earrings come in many different styles shapes and colours. And thats what makes crystal chandelier earrings so versatile to wear to so many different occasions. They can be worn with jeans and a top or even as wedding jewellery or prom jewellery. Crystal chandelier earrings are a great way to accesorise any outfit and you really can make a real impact at any occasion by wearing them.

Whether you are looking at wearing a black outfit, pink outfit or white outfit, we have the right colour chandelier earrings for you to wear and you can go wrong with our crystal jewellery as it is all of the highest and most unique quality.


18 August

Holiday costume jewellery

So the summer holidays are slowly coming to an end, but so many people decide to go on their summer holiday at this time of year to end the summer off with a bang. Whether you are going to Thailand, Australia or Blackpool, you have to think about what costume jewellery you are going to wear on your summer holiday, and whether it is evening costume jewellery or daytime costume jewellery as it can be vastly different.

Costume jewellery can be worn to many different occasions including your annual holiday. So what would you take with you on holiday when it comes to costume jewellery? Well as far as daytime costume jewellery goes you want to wear what will suit the weather. So if you are going somewhere really hot and sticky the last thing you want is to be laiden with costume jewellery that will make you itchy and even more uncomfotable in the heat. So go for small crystal earrings, a small bracelet or just a cocktail ring. In the evening you can go all out and wear cuff bracelet and chandelier earrings as it is cooler.

For cooler climates you can be more versatile in what you wear so you can wear stretch bracelets, or necklace and earring sets. You can even wear glamorous earrings if you like. The same goes for evenings in cooler climates, and dependant on what you are doing, you can mix and match your daytime costume jewellery with your evening costume jewellery.