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20 December

New Years Eve Costume jewellery

Christmas is only but days away and you must have decided by now what you will be wearing to the different dinners and parties this holiday season including what costume jewellery you will be wearing too. Well before you know it it will be New Years Eve and you will not have considered what your New Years even costume jewellery is going to be!

Well you may have had a whole lot of costume jewellery listed on your presents list so you may be waiting to get something from that list to wear as your accessory on New Years Eve. But what if your other half didnt pick up on those hints and didnt buy you that special piece of costume jewellery that you wanted? Well you could always do some last minute costume jewellery shopping online at an online costume jewellery shop, and with many provding free next day delivery you will definitely get it in time for New Years Eve.

So whether you decide to wear chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, crystal bracelets or a choker set, get ready for New Years Eve 2010 by purchasing your costume jewellery online.


23 December

Buying costume jewellery online

Buying costume jewellery online needn’t be a hassle or even expensive as long as you know where to shop and what to buy. Firstly where would you go to buy costume jewellery online? Obviously to online costume jewellery shop like Shefaly. A reputable company like ourselves is one which people trust to come back to time and time again for their costume jewellery needs, whether as a present or just for yourself

Then you need to make sure that the costume jewellery shop adheres to uk regulations whereby the costume jewellery is nickel free costume jewellery so that you can make sure that you won’t get a rash from the costume jewellery. Also make sure that the costume jewellery shop provides a secure online shopping experience like with Shefaly who uses Worldpay as their payment processor, so we don’t keep any records on file and it is all secure so no one else can see this page once you are done.

If you need any help with your costume jewellery buying, please do email us and if you have any useful hints or tips for your fellow costume jewellery buyers please comment below!


It seems as though the recovery from the recession has begun and so many costume jewellery shops and online costume jewellery shops will be looking at restocking for next season so that they are ready for the wedding season where wedding jewellery will be in demand or for Valentine’s Day since costume jewellery is a great gift for any holiday.

At Shefaly we can sell our wholesale costume jewellery at a great price as we have minimal overheads as we are an online business and we can pass these savings onto our customers. So for bridal jewellery you can stock up on crystal jewellery or tiaras for next season since the wedding season rush generally starts from January. Then for online costume jewellery shops we can offer a drop ship basis for costume jewellery. Ask us for more details.

So whether you are a bridal shop or a fashion jewellery shop, drop us a line at Shefaly to find out more about costume jewellery and what we can help with your business.