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Costume jewellery encompasses many different styles and selections. But, consume jewellery has always had a hint of colour, whether it be antique silver, of colourful crystals and gems.

Many cultures and people embrace these colours for what they are, such as Asians from Japan and India, as well as Irish people. Therefore the market is widespread as are the selections in the market.

The types of jewellery we are talking about includes earrings, bracelets, hair accessories and necklaces.

Many retailers can be found online or within hight street stores. Google costume jewellery or another phrase to see what retailers show on the results.

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25 October

Diwali Costume Jewellery- colours galore!

Diwali is well and truely on it way tomorrow and we cant believe its already here! What with summer weddings and Christmas on our mind, we had forgotton all about Diwali. Now that its here we still got to think about what stunning costume jewellery one can wear this Diwali. For such a special occasion you are really spoilt for choice.

Diwali is a time when you bring out all the colourful accessories you have. Not only is your house decorated in colourful lights and decorations, but Diwali is a time to wear colourful clothes and colourful costume jewellery and fashion jewellery.  Colourful costume jewellery encompasses many things like red cocktail ring, green cuff bracelet or pink hair accessories. But you can also go very ethnic and go for a blue hair tikka. You can also accessorise with colourful handbags, like a red handbag.

Diwali can be a time when you really cant go wrong with your costume jewellery and fashion jewellery. And its a time to spoil yourself rotten as its the New Year and if you dont spoil yourself now when are you going to spoil yourself.


4 February

Bright costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes and sizes. But dont forget that costume jewellery can also come in many different colours as well. Bright costume jewellery is really making waves this season, but it can be hard to find the perfect bright costume jewellery piece to match your outfit. This is where online costume jewellery shops can help.

Bright costume jewellery can be difficult to find but with online costume jewellery shops you have a better chance of success for finding the perfect bright costume jewellery piece. So you can go for a bright cocktail ring, bright earrings or bright bracelet which can match your bright spring wardrobe.

If you need help choosing your bright costume jewellery drop us a line here and we will help you chose the best piece of bright costume jewellery for your perfect outfit.


23 October

Lilac costume jewellery….a growing trend

Costume jewellery can come in many colours. But, lilac costume jewellery, or purple jewellery is really leading new ground.

Shefaly house of jewels has a range of different colours of costume jewellery, and the recent trends in the market is pointing towards a boom in purple jewellery. You can find a host of colours on the shefaly comprehensive e-commerce site.

Purple costume jewellery suits weddings, parties and christmas events alike. Whatever your style or outfit, this is must for AW 2010. Costume jewellery can be a pair of earrings, a necklace set, hair accessories, a bangle or bracelet, and even the modern design of the indian tikka or hair gem.

What you choose to accessorise your colour theme outfit is up to you. Some dont feel comfortable with hair jewellery, whilst with the young having that as an essential!

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6 July

Summer 2010 costume jewellery

Summer 2010 is finally here and before you know it, it will be over so make the most of it by wearing what’s in fashion this summer. Whether that’s a maxi dress, daisy dukes or short skirts, pair these up with stunning costume jewellery to really make you look ready for summer 2010.

So what costume jewellery would match your summer 2010 wardrobe? Well like we said the big fashion trend this summer is the maxi dress. Pair up long necklaces with deep cut necks, and cuff bracelets and cocktail rings with long sleeved maxis. When it comes to daisy dukes and short skirts with stunning tanks tops, wear armbands, chandelier earrings and cocktail rings to really finish the look off.

The colours for this summer’s main fashion trends seem to be, the more colourful the better! So pair this up with colourful costume jewellery and you are good to go.


The wedding season has well and truly started and a lot of you are probably thinking about Asian wedding jewellery. Whether you are looking at having an Asian wedding or whether you are having a themed wedding where Asian weddings are the themes, Asian wedding jewellery is a great accessory to wear.

Asian wedding jewellery is much like European wedding jewellery, in that you can have many different styles, shapes and sizes of wedding jewellery. Although Asian wedding jewellery is very much more like statement wedding jewellery or colourful costume jewellery.  You can wear large earrings, statement bracelets or statement cocktail rings. You can even wear hair tikkas and armbands which are real traditional Asian wedding jewellery.

Asian wedding jewellery has a lot of choice style and comes in many different colours. If you want help choosing your Asian wedding jewellery drop us a line.


13 April

Prom jewellery fashion trends

Prom season is well and truly on its way and all you people attending proms are probably looking at buying your prom jewellery. Prom jewellery is what you want it to be, but there are some fashion trends that you can follow when picking your prom jewellery.

First place to start when you are picking our prom jewellery is to decide what you are wearing. A long dress, a short dress, a black dress or a pink dress!? If you want to choose colourful costume jewellery you need to decide the colour of your dress and then pick your pink earrings or you red cocktail ring for example. Or if you don’t know what you are wearing yet and you want to buy your prom jewellery then go for black prom jewellery or crystal prom jewellery as it will really look fabulous with anything.

Prom jewellery is a personal choice: you can follow trends, or you can just wear what you feel comfortable in.


2 April

Costume jewellery trends in 2010

Costume jewellery is an important part of your overall look when it comes to dressing up whether it’s for your wedding day and you are choosing wedding jewellery or whether it is for an exciting evening out. Costume jewellery is a dominant theme on all the catwalks and we are going to give you the low down on what trends can be seen this year.

Costume jewellery still seems to be following the trend of statement necklaces. This can incorporate big stones and big jewels or large flower motifs for example. The large the better when it comes to costume jewellery and statement necklaces. This year again is all about chandelier earrings and the Indian style of jewellery that comes with it. This is about colourful costume jewellery and you are bang on trend this season.

But always remember, after seeing what’s on the catwalks and what’s on the high streets, your own personal style will always be incorporated into any look you are looking at creating.


Summer 2010 sees costume jewellery reach new heights in the fashion world. It’s still all about statement costume jewellery, but this time it’s about rainbow coloured costume jewellery. This can be an array of colours.

Costume jewellery in rainbow colours can come in many different shapes and sizes. And Shefaly is known for her colourful costume jewellery. This can be garland of crystals costume jewellery, red crystal earrings or square tales cocktail ring.

Costume jewellery has never been seen to be so amazing and colourful and stunning as it does this Spring/Summer 2010.


5 March

Colourful wedding jewellery

Wedding jewellery doesn’t have to be clear crystals or pearls. When it comes to contemporary weddings many brides now opt for colourful costume jewellery or colourful wedding jewellery as it can match your dress or shoes and your colour theme.

Colourful wedding jewellery is a great way to really finish your outfit off. Colourful wedding jewellery can encompass anything from chandelier earrings to cuff bracelets. So if you are wearing gold colours or have gold colours as your wedding theme you could possible go for gold chandelier earrings or gold cuff bracelet.

If you want help choosing your colourful costume jewellery drop us a line. We can also help you chose your bridesmaids jewellery which can also be colourful bridal jewellery.