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2 June

Celebrity costume jewellery

It’s the festival season, an it’s all about the jewellery that the celebs are wearing at the festivals and at the voice finals!

We will keep a track of the main costume jewellery trends we are seeing this season.

We are loving Jessie J’s bold fashion jewellery are large earrings on the voice, as well as Rihanna’s chunky jewellery in her latest music video!


This week we have chosen crystal bracelets as our product of the week. Crystal bracelets are a great accessory for any outfit and what with the Awards Season in full swing now you are definitely going to see stunning crystal bracelets on all the celebrities as well as a full array of costume jewellery.

Crystal cuff bracelets come in many different sizes shapes and styles. The most popular at the moment is the crystal cuff bracelet that has really taken off. Crystal cuff bracelets add a touch of glamour to any outfit including when worn as wedding jewellery, or as prom jewellery. The great thing about crystal bracelets is that they come in a variety of colours also so they can be matched to more or less any outfit. They also match so many different types of costume jewellery whether statement costume jewellery is simple costume jewellery.

Costume jewellery itself is a great way to glamorise your outfits and you can’t go wrong with stunning crystal bracelets. These paired with a beautiful handbag can really make you look like you are off to one of this year’s spectacular awards ceremonies.


30 August

Kim Kardashian wedding jewellery

Kim Kardashians wedding is the talk of the moment as far as celebrity events are going. And we cant help but comment on her wedding jewellery which was by far the best and most glamorous wedding jewellery we have seen on a celebrity wedding in many years. Kim Kardashian looked stunning in her dress and her wedding jewellery really finished her outfit off.

Diamonds really were a girls best friend as far as Kim was concerned!We already know that he wedding ring was a 20.5 carat platinum ring from Lorraine Schwartz which was valued at over $2 million. But what about the rest of her wedding jewellery? Well she was give a wedding band by her basketballer husband that 15 carats and worth $200,000! And lets not forget her stunning hair jewellery, the diamond headpiece which seemed to be a hommage to her Armenian heritage. She also wore diamond earrings, all of which was from Lorraine Schwartz.

But you dont have to pay millions to get Kims look on your wedding day as Swarovski crystal wedding jewellery can do just as good a trick for a fraction of the price.


Awards season is well and truely on its way. The peoples choice awards have already taken place last weekend, and the Golden Globe, The Oscars and the BAFTA awards and coming soon. So we cant wait to see what the actors and actresses will be wearing this awards season especially what costume jewellery will be adorning their tones tanned bodies!

So what type of costume jewellery do we think will be prominant on the red carpet this year? Well we can definitely already see cocktail rings being a favourite with all the girls. Theres also the clasic diamond necklaces or diamond earrings. But for you to get that look all you have to do is put on a pair of swarovski crystal earrings or cuff bracelet.

Red carpet jewellery or celebrity costume jewellery is a great way to update your look and get all the tips on how to accessorise your look by watching the awards ceremonies this season.


18 November

Sorry we’ve been away for a wh…

Sorry we’ve been away for a while! We have been out searching for new costume jewellery for all our trendy followers!xx

14 October

thanks to all those who got us…

thanks to all those who got us to over 500 followers! you must all love costume jewellery as much as i do! now lets get to 1000 followers!!x

10 October

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9 October

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The are some lovely #costume jewellery boutiques in Bristol, UK! Spent the day here and loved it! So many choices and colours to choose frm!

4 October

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#scd #strictly Alisha Dixon’s earrings were stunning on saturdays can get your own pair at xx

2 October

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I liked a YouTube video — Shefaly Special offer for Jewellery