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2 June

Celebrity costume jewellery

It’s the festival season, an it’s all about the jewellery that the celebs are wearing at the festivals and at the voice finals!

We will keep a track of the main costume jewellery trends we are seeing this season.

We are loving Jessie J’s bold fashion jewellery are large earrings on the voice, as well as Rihanna’s chunky jewellery in her latest music video!


16 January

Golden Globes 2012 Costume Jewellery

At last nights Golden Globe Awards the stars came out in style in their gorgeous gowns and costume jewellery. But there was one thing in common, that there was a minimal amount of costume jewellery. The actresses were wearing stunning gowns and so over accessorizing the gowns would be an instant fashion faux pas. So what jewellery did we see the stars in during this years Golden Globes?

Intricate bracelets, bright rings, large earrings and statement necklaces were the accessories of choice at the Globes. The looks we saw on the red carpet can be recreated without having to spend all that the stars do on their costume jewellery. So you could buy the Crystal Goddess earrings to get Jessica Albas look and add the crystal beauty bracelet to finish the look off. You have plenty of options when you are looking for statement costume jewellery . You can even just opt for a statement cocktail ring which will really add elegance to any outfit.

Statement jewellery is still a current trend, but any costume jewellery when kept minimal can make you look like one of the stars on the red carpet, and add a stunning handbag to really finish your star style look off.


19 September

Emmys 2011- costume jewellery and accessories

The celebrities came out in full force in LA last night for the Emmys- 2011. The Emmys celebrate TVs best celebrities and shows, and they all stood up to their acclamations last night with the awards they won and the stunning gowns, costume jewellery and accessories they wore. Heres our pick of the best costume jewellery.

Anna Torv wore a stunning black Vera Wang dress coupled with beautiful purple chandelier earrings.We think this statement costume jewellery look is all the rage at the moment.We also love Sofia Vergara’s Colombian emerald chandelier earrings, Julie Bowen’s Neil Lane pear-shaped black diamond earrings, Evan Rachel Wood’s Fred Leighton bow cuff  bracelet and finally Cobie Smulders’ Neil Lane diamond and aquamarine cocktail ring.

We cant wait to see what the other award ceremonies bring to light in terms of costume jewellery and other fashion accessories. And ofcourse cant wait to see the stars themselves!


13 September

Kelly Rowlands Costume jewellery

Kelly Rowland has hit our screens in a big big way after being picked by Simon Cowell to be a judge on the X factor that is currently showing on our screens along with Tulisa, Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow. But whats really caught our attraction is the stunning costume jewellery she has been wearing.

Kelly Rowland has already been a true fashionista and never more so than now when we see her every weekend on our screens. She isnt scared to be daring with her costume jewellery and can really go all out there with any of her costume jewellery. So from statement cocktail rings to statement bracelets she really is making a splash.

To get Kellys Costume jewellery style you just have to be bold with your choices as you can see from the pictures below, this way you really wont go wrong.

The Venice film festival took place recently and the stars where out it style including the likes of Kate Winslet, Keira Knightly and Madonna. They were all glammed up to the max and looked stunning in their beautiful gowns promoting their respective films. They were also adorned in the most stunning costume jewellery you could see.

One such star who really stood out in style was Kate Winslet. She wore the most stunning Stella McCartney outfit. It was the most flattering dress I have ever seen, and such was the optical illusion it looked as though Kate had lost half her body weight with no exercise or diet! She accessorised this dress with stunning costume jewellery. A beautiful crystal cuff bracelet and a stunning pair of crystal earrings. This look was the talk of the Venice Film Festival.

Many of the stars were out in style at the Venice Film Festival. They wore Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney or other prominant designers of today. They all adorned the most stunning costume jewellery.


The Oscars took place on the 27th February 2011 and the stars came out in true star style. So many celebrities where dress up in this years must have looks including costume jewellery to kill for. The red carpet was full of an array of colours and we have some of our best picked dresses and styles here.

So on of our favourites was Gwenyth Paltrow in Calvin Klein dress and Louis Vuitton brooch and earrings.  The dress was stunning on her swvelt figurs, but even more so the brooch and earrings really accentuated the whole outfit. The brooch had beautiful coloured stones and the earrings where just as stunning. We also loved Scarlett Johannson in a dark purple lace dress by Dolce & Gabbanna with a beautiful colourful cocktail ring. Statement jewellery seemed to be a real trend this year with one piece that really stood out like a cocktail ring or a brooch or beautiful statement earrings. We also loved the understated style of  Michelle Williams in a Chanel dress and Harry Winston diamond earrings. You can get the same earrings for half the price, the small swarovski crystal earrings.

We cant wait for the rest of the awards to take place this year to see what the stars are going to wear to them. Keep up to date on all the awards ceremonies this year on our blog.


18 January

Costume jewellery at the Golden Globes 2011

The stars where out in style last weekend as the Golden Globes was hosted in LA. All the beautiful actors and actresses from hollywood and afar came to town to see who was going to get best actress, best actor and best picture and they all looked more stunning than ever before. So what you are all wondering i bet is what were the stars wearing and in particular what costume jewellery where they wearing.

This yesr it seemed as though many actresses kept it fairly understated. Many decided to wear small crystal earrings similar in size and even perhaps in design to our small swarovski crystal earrings. Some of the more daring actresses wore beautiful diamond bracelets and also a stunning cocktail ring, like Halle Berry and Diane Argon. But we think the most stunning of all was the heavily pregnant Natalie Portman with her beautiful crystal necklace and crystal bracelet.

Now we are really looking forward to the Oscars where we can see what even more beautiful costume jewellery the actors will be wearing with their beautiful gowns.


Awards season is well and truely on its way. The peoples choice awards have already taken place last weekend, and the Golden Globe, The Oscars and the BAFTA awards and coming soon. So we cant wait to see what the actors and actresses will be wearing this awards season especially what costume jewellery will be adorning their tones tanned bodies!

So what type of costume jewellery do we think will be prominant on the red carpet this year? Well we can definitely already see cocktail rings being a favourite with all the girls. Theres also the clasic diamond necklaces or diamond earrings. But for you to get that look all you have to do is put on a pair of swarovski crystal earrings or cuff bracelet.

Red carpet jewellery or celebrity costume jewellery is a great way to update your look and get all the tips on how to accessorise your look by watching the awards ceremonies this season.


The Emmys 2010 took place this weekend just gone, and they celebrities were out in full force in their stunning evening gowns and beautiful costume jewellery and desginer jewellery. There was a whole lot of cuff bracelets, cocktail ring and large necklaces. But who were our favourites celebrities of the night?

Eva Longoria Parker wore a fabulous black dressed and teamed it up with larger than life chandelier earrings which really finished the outfit off. Then there were the many celebrities who wore cuff bracelets, or stacked many bracelets up on their wrist like Anna Paquin and Tine Fei. There were also those celebrities who were wearing statement necklaces like Heidi Klum.

The Emmys are a great way to also see what the in colour is at this time and even perhaps for next season and it looks as though Navy blue, or blue in general was a real trend alert at this years Emmy Award Ceremony.

The celebrities were out in force last Sunday when the MTV movie awards took place in LA. And what an amazing show it was with the prettiest and most glamorous stars dressed up and looking stunning in their costume jewellery and gorgeous dresses and tuxes.

We saw Lindsey Lohan in a stunning Sparkly Jumpsuit teamed with an armful of bangles. There was also a lot of leg showing with the likes of Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson wearing over the knee mini dresses. They kept their costume jewellery simple by wearing small diamond studs and a statement cocktail ring- after all it is the MTV award which is known to be cool and hip!

To get your MTV Movie award look, go for simple earrings and a statement ring or statement bracelet with your mini dress to have true celebrity style.