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18 May

Beautiful Bridal Jewellery

So wedding season is literally round the corner and boy do you have a great choice of wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery to chose from. You truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery in this day and age as you have so much to chose from- from crystal jewellery to pearl jewellery to coloured costume jewellery, you cant go wrong with bridal jewellery if you choice what you like and what matches your style.

As far as bridal jewellery goes you have so much to choose. So not only do you have to chose bridal jewellery for yourself but also have to chose bridal jewellery for your wedding party including jewellery for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids jewellery. For your self you have to look for earrings, necklaces and even bracelets. This could be crystal earrings, crystal necklaces or crystal bracelets. Some women even like to wear a crystal cocktail ring as their bridal jewellery. The most important accessory for your bridal jewellery would be your hair accessories and the most popular of hair accessories is the crystal headband or crystal hair comb.

If you want help choosing your hair accessories or and of your bridal jewellery drop us a line here at Shefaly House of Jewels and we can help you chose the bridal jewellery thats perfect fr your own style and for your theme of wedding.


Bracelets are a must have costume jewellery accessory whether you are looking at chunky bridal cuffs or delicate dainty bracelets. Bracelets can be used for so many different occasions including being used as bridal jewellery, prom jewellery or as an evening accessory. But how do you chose which beautiful bracelet is best for you and for the occasion that you need it for?

Bracelets come in so many different shapes sizes and styles that you are truely spoilt for choice. For example as bridal jewellery you can wear a beautiful cuff bracelet, or a pearl bracelet if you are wearing pearl costume jewellery. When it comes to prom jewellery you are again spoilt for choice especially since our bracelets come in so many different colours. So you can match your prom outfit to your prom costume jewellery. This is a great way to buy your bridesmaids costume jewellery too.

Since there are so many chic and elegant costume jewellery bracelets out there we werent lieing when we said you really are spoilt for choice. But if you need help choosing your stunning crystal bracelet, drop us a line.


20 December

New Years Eve Costume jewellery

Christmas is only but days away and you must have decided by now what you will be wearing to the different dinners and parties this holiday season including what costume jewellery you will be wearing too. Well before you know it it will be New Years Eve and you will not have considered what your New Years even costume jewellery is going to be!

Well you may have had a whole lot of costume jewellery listed on your presents list so you may be waiting to get something from that list to wear as your accessory on New Years Eve. But what if your other half didnt pick up on those hints and didnt buy you that special piece of costume jewellery that you wanted? Well you could always do some last minute costume jewellery shopping online at an online costume jewellery shop, and with many provding free next day delivery you will definitely get it in time for New Years Eve.

So whether you decide to wear chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, crystal bracelets or a choker set, get ready for New Years Eve 2010 by purchasing your costume jewellery online.


By now im sure you have amassed a whole lot of costume jewellery to match every conceivable item of clothing you have in your wardrobe. When new seasons come about, you need to make sure that you use the costume jewellery thats already in your jewellery box, rather than buy a whole lot of new jewellery – that just doesnt make financial sense girls! So what about this coming Autumn/Winter 2010? Whats going to be in fashion and what costume jewellery should you match to it?

Well a key trend for next season is the sheepskin Aviator jacket thanks to the likes of Burberry Prorsum. Its Glamorous and practical, so you can wear to on an evening out or with your favourite pair of jeans. Pair this up with a statement cocktail ring and a Rock chick bracelet and you are good to go!Most of the designers this season also seem to be in love with velvet. Wear stunning chandelier earrings and cocktail rings to really finish this look off.

If you have any ideas as to how to wear this seasons key looks with costume jewellery, let our readers know below.


1 July

Crazy crystal costume jewellery

Crystal costume jewellery is a great way to accessorise your look. You can wear crystal costume jewellery on more or less any occasion. You may think it should be worn as bridal jewellery, but it can be worn as evening jewellery or even work jewellery.

Crystal costume jewellery can be anything from chandelier earrings, to cuff bracelets, to necklaces to simple earrings. So the fact that you can wear a whole range of costume jewellery means that you can really wear crystal costume jewellery on any occasion. Simple crystal earrings to work, bracelets for evening out, and necklaces to weddings.

Crystal costume jewellery is a stunning way to make an impact on any occasion and you can wear the same piece over and over again and it would look like it is brand new as you wear it different outfits as it has a tendency of looking impeccable.


19 April

Arm jewellery : the new accessory

Costume jewellery and wedding jewellery has come a long way, and recent trends of statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings are all well and good and look stunning, but the altogether new trend in the fashion jewellery ring is arm jewellery. Arm jewellery is an up and coming trend and many people have already caught onto this.

Arm jewellery can be many different styles, shapes and sizes, including even wearing bracelets and necklaces as arm jewellery.  But there are also armbands which are specially designed to be worn as arm jewellery. Arm bands are a great accessory as wedding jewellery or party jewellery and even prom jewellery. Armbands come in silver or gold and are a great look when looking for Grecian jewellery.

Arm jewellery is the next big fashion accessory and this has really started to catch on. If you want to be ahead of the trend and get your arm jewellery now.


11 February

What’s costume jewellery?

Costume jewellery is defined as jewellery that is made from inexpensive metals and imitation or semiprecious stones. Inexpensive or non precious metals include materials such as gold plating, silver plating, wood, leather and beads. Costume jewellery is not made from gold, silver, cultured pearls. However Swarovski Crystal costume jewellery is classed as costume jewellery.

The best example of costume jewellery is what you see on the Shefaly | House of Jewels website. They provide a range of costume jewellery from necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets to cufflinks for men and women.

When it comes to what costume jewellery you decide to wear go with what you are comfortable with and you can also go with what’s in fashion.


All of you with a wedding this year are probably out looking for you accessories this year, including your wedding jewellery whether its earrings and necklace set or hair accessories for yourself or for your wedding party including bridesmaids jewellery. But as far as wedding jewellery goes crystal jewellery tops the list for all brides to be.

Crystal jewellery has something about it; some sort of allure to it that really makes most brides want to chose crystal costume jewellery as their jewellery of choice for themselves or as bridesmaids jewellery. Crystal costume jewellery is basically any jewellery type like earrings, cocktail rings, bracelets or sets, but is made from Swarovski crystal or Austrian crystals. Crystal wedding jewellery that brides particularly chose is cuff bracelets like the Grecian cuff bracelet, or chandelier earrings like silver crystal earrings.

Whatever you decide to wear on your wedding day, whether crystal costume jewellery or not, it is really what you feel comfortable with as it’s your big day.


23 January

Classy costume jewellery

Costume jewellery is the type of jewellery that can be worn by just about anyone and can look classy and glamorous. You can also wear costume jewellery with just about anything from your jeans and t-shirt, to your prom dress to your wedding dress and look glamorous and glitzy and stunning.

So what does classy costume jewellery consist of? Well just about anything that is classed as costume jewellery. So this could be cocktail rings, cuffs, crystal bracelets, chandelier earrings, hair jewellery and not to forget also cufflinks. Any one of these costume jewellery Pisces can be worn with any outfit. So with your jeans and t-shirt a bracelet and a cocktail ring would look stunning and then with your wedding jewellery, crystal costume jewellery would look amazing.

Just remember whatever costume jewellery you will wear for whatever occasion you are sure to be the belle of the ball and sparkle all night long.


Meet Shefaly | House of Jewels, the most stunning collection of costume jewellery this side of the stars. Shefaly doesn’t follow fashion, they set it. Travelling the globe for inspiration, Shefaly’s costume jewellery and fashion jewellery is so unique and affordable.

The finest Swarovski crystals create a truly unique collection of costume jewelry and fashion jewellery, some pieces of which are specially designed by Shefaly herself.  Stunning colours infuse with a variety of design-led costume jewellery styles which means you can find a jewel for any occasion, not to mention every outfit.

From earrings and necklaces, chokers and hair accessories, to bracelets and Shefaly’s own unique cuff-links, each affordable, timeless jewel offers a quality second-to-none, which means you can enjoy your jewels time and time again, season to season.

Stand out in style with Shefaly