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11 January

What’s new in Asian Bridal Jewellery?

Asian bridal jewellery is like most other costume jewellery in that there are new trends coming out, manly dictated by Bollywood films. However, consistently Asian Bridal jewellery seems to love to follow the trend of crystal costume jewellery, which is large and statement costume jewellery.

So what is new in Asian bridal jewellery? Well crystal costume jewellery is still very much the trend to be seen in.  So whether its crystal hair tikkas, crystal hair jewellery like crystal hair combs or crystal tiaras, Asian bridal jewellery really is the trend for many European women and Indian women to be seen in. Asian bridal jewellery also seems to be very much statement costume jewellery like large crystal bracelets, or large cocktail rings.

If you decide to have an Asian themed wedding or if you are an Asian couple planning your wedding, why don’t you give some advice to some of our blog readers below as what to expect in Asian Bridal jewellery.

Asian weddings have the best jewellery, and the most glamorous. But if your getting married, you want to know what the latest trend will be for the coming year, this blog is here to help, along with the useful comments of users of this blog.

Asian jewellery generally follows the same, bold colours, large set approach. But you will have the large companies launching new collections. This does not mean thats necessarily whats in fashion, as a bride needs to wear what she likes, what she sees her in when she flicks through the latest Asian Bride Magazine!

Golds, Reds, Greens are the trend. This will probably never change, as all brides will want these colours for their wedding jewellery. The styles may change, and the bride is likely to change outfits for the evening, thats when the fashion asian jewellery would come into play.

Love, Shefaly

10 August

Asian Jewellery

Costume jewellery doesn’t come as flamboyant, colourful and sparkly as when you see it in Asian jewellery. Asian jewellery can be very similar but also very different to English wedding jewellery.

Asian jewellery is usually very colourful. This could be pink Asian jewellery, red Asian jewellery, or blue Asian jewellery. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is colourful. In addition, you will notice that the women in the bridal party will wear quiet heavy necklace and earring sets as their Asian jewellery. This

So when attending an Asian wedding, remember to wear bling, colours, Asian jewellery or costume jewellery!


16 July

Jewellery for brides


Image courteousy of you and your wedding

I can’t stress enough how important it is to chose your bridal jewelry carefully : it is as important as choosing your dress or shoes! Jewelry for brides should be chosen carefully and the costume jewellery that you should take into account should be your colour, neckline and style of wedding or wedding dress.

So as a bride you can go for crystal earrings for example, if you have a high neckline. This can be paired with a beautiful crystal bracelet. Or for those of you with a lunging neckline, why not try as stunning crystal necklace and earring set. Or you can try a beautiful crystal brooch to hold your pashmina or shrug up.

If you need help choosing you crystal bridal jewellery, drop us a line here at Shefaly.


12 July

Asian wedding jewellery

Asian bridal jewellery is usually very colourful. To match the saris and suits that all the stunning women wear, they must accessorise with very colourful costume jewellery. It doesn’t matter whether it is a cocktail ring, crystal bracelet or hair accessory, as long as it is colourful. This doesn’t only relate to women as men wear colourful outfits too and this is often paired with colourful cufflinks. This is where our beautiful and elegant crystal cufflinks come in!

So if you are ever lucky enough to be invited to an Asian wedding, there are three things to remember about your costume jewelry- bling, bold and colourful costume jewellery all the way!

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