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19 April

Arm jewellery : the new accessory

Costume jewellery and wedding jewellery has come a long way, and recent trends of statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings are all well and good and look stunning, but the altogether new trend in the fashion jewellery ring is arm jewellery. Arm jewellery is an up and coming trend and many people have already caught onto this.

Arm jewellery can be many different styles, shapes and sizes, including even wearing bracelets and necklaces as arm jewellery.  But there are also armbands which are specially designed to be worn as arm jewellery. Arm bands are a great accessory as wedding jewellery or party jewellery and even prom jewellery. Armbands come in silver or gold and are a great look when looking for Grecian jewellery.

Arm jewellery is the next big fashion accessory and this has really started to catch on. If you want to be ahead of the trend and get your arm jewellery now.


Armbands are a really popular way of accessorising your outfit, especially as Christmas party jewellery or New Years Eve party jewellery. It is a new piece of costume jewellery that’s really creating waves in the fashion jewellery industry as it can make your outfit look amazingly hot and makes you look so on trend.

Shefaly has a few types of armbands that are designer armbands as they are designed in house and very unique. The six leaves armband for example is very popular as wedding jewellery, and goes especially well with sleeveless or boob tube tops as it helps this particular piece of costume jewellery really stand out. Or there is the ivy armband. This armband looks fit for a Grecian goddess, and many people who want a Grecian feel to their outfit or wedding day go for this Grecian armband as their costume jewellery. Finally there is also the pearl swirl armbands that can look great when matched up with pearl jewellery. It can either be worn as a pearl bracelet or as a pearl armband.

If you want help deciding what armband will go with your outfit drop us a line at Shefaly for advice on your costume jewellery and wedding jewellery needs and we will be sure to help as much as possible!



16 December


Armbands can be such a great accessory. They are so unusual, and as costume jewellery it is very rarely worn, so we thought we could let you know how and when to wear them. Armbands can often also be worn as a bracelet.

Armbands are great when worn with your Asian bridal jewellery or as Asian bridesmaid’s jewellery. It can make you really stand out in a crowd.

Or wear with your wedding dress if it is sleeveless, it will add a real twist to your gorgeous outfit. If you go for a Grecian themed wedding, an armband will make your whole theme look really authentic.

Why not tell us other ways in which you could wear arm bands below?