7 August

Summer Jewellery

Although the long hot summer days we were having recently seem like they were decades ago, there will be another heat wave soon and we think you should be prepared! Everyone always mentions sun screen, hats and sunglasses but how about your jewellery? A girl should never forget accessorising whatever the weather is like!

For summer we recommend going as light as you cannot without compromising style. So chunky rings are great, for example our fabulous Flower Power rings are a great accessory for summer, especially since floral patterns are so in for this season!

Also, when going for necklaces try and stay light and simple. This can be a simple drop necklace like the one shown below or a beaded necklace that is still very en vogue. But stay away from chokers, this can be a deadly sin on a hot summers day!

Why not post a comment on this topic and give our readers some of your own advice too!

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