13 September

Store Costume Jewellery Safely

jewellery_box for costume jewellery

Whats the best way to keep your costume jewellery safe? How can you keep it from not getting damaged, scratched or broken?

It will seem obviously, but sometimes you have to be told the basics! We would recommend you store costume jewellery in what is was sent to you in. In our case that would be the strong shefaly gift box. If you are not given anything to store it in, the use a jewellery box of some type. Its also wise to wrap in tissue paper to avoid jewellery clashing, as this can cause scratching and damage.

However, also make sure that its kept in a safe enough place that the box does not fall! if that happens there is sure to be some damage!

Take care of your jewellery!

Love, Shefaly

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