15 July

Sparkly jewellery Vs Fashion jewellery

As far as costume jewellery goes you can think of it as falling into one of two categories: sparkly jewellery or fashion jewellery. Sparkly jewellery would encompasses costume jewelry that contains crystals like Swarovski crystal and Austrian crystal and would be a lot more bling as far as costume jewellery is concerned. Fashion jewellery is less bling, and more orientated around what fashion dictates at the time.

So for example, at present, sparkly costume jewellery would include such items as a crystal necklace, or a crystal cocktail ring. However, fashion jewellery would be items such as wooden bracelets, or beaded necklace. It can also include less sparkly cocktail rings or cuff bracelets.

What you decide to wear as costume jewelry is up to you as fashion is what you make it.


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