2 November

Silver Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many colours, styles and finishes. These range from colourful reds, pinks and amber blues, to antique, silver and gold.

Out of all of these, the most popular is the crystal costume Jewellery. This is because, originally the name costume jewellery was given to bright and bold pieces, today that is now regarded mainly as silver costume jewellery. People who wear this range from an ever growing amount, formally it was simply extravagant, rich and excentric individuals. Today, as it is more common, it is brides, bridesmaids, girls on a night out, or just a piece of subtle jewellery for work! Brides wear it as part of their outfit such as a crystal brooch, or crystal bangle, or even a statement necklace or statement earrings. Bridesmaids benefit from the colour approach, and this can match the dress, such as baby pink or light blue.

Silver costume jewellery is fashionable, and even classifies as fashion jewellery in today’s high street. Large companies such as Swarovski have truly revolutionised this industry, and allowed the extravagant jewellery acceptable and marketable to the everyday lady alike.


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