21 July

Sexy Costume Jewellery

Lingerie has its place for alluring your man, whether it be in the bedroom, or showing a bid of that bra strap in a bar! But costume jewellery has its place in this scene, except many woman fail to exploit this.

For example, when you’re dressed up in the bedroom, with your hair all in tumbling curls, and that devilish outfit, finish off this perfect look with a delicate costume jewlery set and light, dainty earrings. These are the ultimate night time jewellery, before its really time for bed.

As for the bar, and showing that guy your interested in, don’t just draw his attention to your bra strap or the off the shoulder look, try one of those jewelled bra straps or chandelier earrings for the attention grabbing look!

We love jewellery from www.madaboutjewellery.com, as well as from our site, www.shefaly.co.uk.


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