13 May

Prom Costume Jewellery

The costume jewellery you are going to wear to your prom is just as important if not more so than the costume jewellery you will wear to your wedding!! Prom costume jewellery is much more versatile however since your outfit can be any colour, any design or any style, so your prom costume jewellery is much easier to chose.

When it comes to your prom costume jewellery, you may want to stick with the current trend of statement jewellery. This can be a fabulous pair of statement earrings like the ornate in topaz earrings, or a statement ring like the mish mash in pink ring.

Mish Mash in Pink Cocktail ring

When choosing your prom costume jewellery I say go with what your personal style is, not what you are  expected to be seen in!


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