20 August

Product of the week- crystal brooches

When I write about our costume jewellery and fashion jewellery and talk about a product of the week, I always write about one item in particular. But I so love our crystal brooches that I can’t pick a favourite from them so I thought I would write about all of our stunning crystal brooches!

Our crystal brooches are just spectacular. As far as costume jewellery go, these little and big gems are so pretty. They can be on your pashmina, or put on your coat lapel. Recently I went to a wedding were the bride had a gorgeous hair accessory on. When I asked her about her hair accessories and costume jewellery, she told me it was actually a crystal brooch!!What a great way to use a piece of costume jewellery I thought.

Brooches are an amazing accessory which is so underused- try one and see how addicted you can get to this little costume jewellery accessory.


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