25 October

Perfect Jewellery for the perfect wedding day


The most important day for any bride is the wedding day. But you want to make sure your wedding jewellery is the best, and most stunning it can be.

So, the 1st question is what jewellery to wear? Crystals, diamonds or pearls???

The questions are vast, as then it leads onto, necklace, earrings, bangles, brooch, hair accessories???

Its a tough choice as to what to wear, and how to accessorise the perfect day. Our suggestion is to read as many bridal magazines as possible, and speak to people in the business such as florists etc, they have a vast range of experience. Also speak to jewellery retails, they have seen soo many brides, they are masters at accessorising you up!

Whatever help you may need, we at the house of jewels are always here to help!

Love, Shefaly

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