Christmas is only 11 days away can you believe it! And that means you have 11 days to sort your Christmas presents out, to sort your food for the party season out and to sort out what dress and costume jewellery you are going to wear to the different parties that you have to attend this holiday season. So try and sort your costume jewellery out first as it is the easiest and most fun, and who know you might even find some presents in our treasure trove of costume jewellery.

As your party costume jewellery you really can go wrong with black costume jewellery. It matches just about any outfit and you can match any existing costume jewellery in your jewellery box to your black costume jewellery. Or try crystal costume jewellery as again it is so versatile as costume jewellery whether it’s a crystal bracelet, crystal cocktail ring or crystal chandelier earrings.

And as Christmas presents, costume jewellery is the sure way to go. You can give crystal cufflinks to your dad, brother, mum or sister or even your boss. Or how about a stunning costume jewellery necklace and earring set for your mother in law. You’re sure to wins some brownie points there J. If you need help choosing your costume jewellery, drop us a line at Shefaly.


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