22 April

Marilyn Monroe style costume jewellery

Marilyn Monroe is a true style icon, and the costume jewellery she wore was amazing, classy and elegant and what most women would like to wear as their wedding jewellery. So what was Marilyn Monroe’s costume jewellery style so that we can emulate this?

Well Marilyn Monroe is known for many films in her career but the one that sticks out the most when we are discussing costume jewellery is Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This film made Marilyn into the style icon and diva that she was in her time. The costume jewellery she wore in this film was utterly beautiful. She wore stunning chandelier earrings and crystal bracelets, and statement necklaces. We love the necklace she wears in the below image and you can buy the vintage crystal necklace and earring set which is just like that one.

Other sets including the crystal belle set and the Bella necklace and earring set also emulate Marilyn’s style.


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