Kirstie Allsopp is not only a very intelligent and sophisticated lady, but she also has true fashion sense and star style. No wonder the Daily Telegraph have been inundated with letters asking where they can get Kirstie’s Pearls from which were featured in Stella Magazine. Shefaly’s costume jewellery has true star style if Hillary from the Daily Telegraph is recommending it.

The pearl choker set is actually a three strand, faux pearl set. It sits around the neck and has a central cameo effect brooch. The necklace comes with matching earrings and is £40. It looks so similar to the necklace and earring set worn by Kirstie that you’d think she was wearing one of Shefaly’s Jewels!

If you want to get true star style, order your set today, as  a Valentine’s day gift or as a gift to yourself, and even though there is a 4 week wait (due to the sheer demand for the set!), we will try and get it in for you as soon as possible!


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