30 August

Kim Kardashian wedding jewellery

Kim Kardashians wedding is the talk of the moment as far as celebrity events are going. And we cant help but comment on her wedding jewellery which was by far the best and most glamorous wedding jewellery we have seen on a celebrity wedding in many years. Kim Kardashian looked stunning in her dress and her wedding jewellery really finished her outfit off.

Diamonds really were a girls best friend as far as Kim was concerned!We already know that he wedding ring was a 20.5 carat platinum ring from Lorraine Schwartz which was valued at over $2 million. But what about the rest of her wedding jewellery? Well she was give a wedding band by her basketballer husband that 15 carats and worth $200,000! And lets not forget her stunning hair jewellery, the diamond headpiece which seemed to be a hommage to her Armenian heritage. She also wore diamond earrings, all of which was from Lorraine Schwartz.

But you dont have to pay millions to get Kims look on your wedding day as Swarovski crystal wedding jewellery can do just as good a trick for a fraction of the price.


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