10 October

Its all about the pink fashion jewellery

Pink has never been more lady like, or girlie! Pink fashion jewellery matches the trends we all see, from playboy to oxford street, it is alive, and it is in all stores you go to.

Pink fashion jewellery has many different finishes, and product lines. From rings, to bangle, ending with belts. So, where is the best places to explore?

We think that Maceys has a great collection in the US, and this was well noted by many leading US NYC publications on fashion jewellery. And pink jewellery is the key theme. In the UK, M&S has a great collection. For you web shoppers, madaoutjewellery has some great items, as does our web shop, Shefaly.

Depending on your budget, your sense of style, and your wardrobe where you shop will differ. But as always, remember that fashion in pink may change, but pink in jewellery will always be girlie!

happy shopping!

Love, Shefaly

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