With the Indian summer season starting on channel 4 this coming week, we thought we would write a little blog on Indian costume jewellery ad Indian wedding jewellery since it is getting very popular both among Asians and English people as wedding jewellery and as party jewellery or costume jewellery

So Indian costume jewellery generally tends to be brightly coloured, and very much statement costume jewellery. A lot of Indian costume jewellery or wedding jewellery is like grand and elaborate costume jewellery that is mainly worn as Asian wedding jewellery. A lot of English brides nowadays wear hair tikkas, which is an Indian costume jewellery piece that is worn on the head. It’s stunning and great as an alternative piece of hair jewellery.

You are sure to see all sorts of Indian costume jewellery on channel four this season when the Indian summer season begins, so keep a look out for this!


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